Working Online In Kenya
Not everyone who wants to work at home is seeking long-term career options. Sometimes you just want something relatively easy where you can make some extra cash fast. This guide will cover both cases.

The Ultimate Guide To Work Online In Kenya

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Opportunities to Work online in Kenya are becoming increasingly popular thanks to the flexibility, diversity, and income-earning potential that online jobs in Kenya provide.

Plus, the start-up costs are minimal, and there are a variety of gigs depending on your interest and skill set. In fact, when I started my online business a few years ago, it cost me almost nothing, and I had little experience.

But through trial and error and a lot of hard work, I’ve been able to make a full-time income from my online jobs including this OJIK blog.

If you’re interested in starting your own online gig, there are plenty of opportunities available. Just to mention a few; Flipping domain names, Reviewing websites, Transcription, Dropshipping, Forex trader or trainer, an investor in treasury bills, digital business, etc.

In this post, I will help you to get started working online especially if you are that person who is skeptical. Let us start by handling the basics first. 

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Wasn’t that a super easy and valuable thing you just did? Hey, it’s time to make money online,  Let’s goooooo…

Deciding What will make money for you online

The biggest challenge every beginner will face is going to attack an animal they do not know. You could carry riffle and yet it just needs a pinch. You would go um armed and yet it requires you to be fit enough and if possible you come with backup. 

Life needs you to know what you want from the universe and be precise when targeting your need. Avoid destruction and just go get your target. That is what any successful online guru will tell you. 

As I beginner, it is obvious with the hype on making so much money online from platforms with very realistic reviews. You end up jumping from one platform to another; this will waste your time and resources.

Therefore, to avoid the hustle and the pain that come with the search processes. There are things you need to do and then get focused to your goal. 

  1. Research on what is profitable online; do not just depend on simple heresies. DO SOME RESEARCH!
  2. Ask yourself whether or not you like doing the jobs in your finding. If you dislike the most profitable opportunity on your list, then you can go for number two or three.
  3. Settle for an opportunity. This will help you to focus and get better results from the opportunity. As a beginner, do not be very broad as this will be too involving for you to handle.
  4. Be positive about the opportunity you chose. Creating positive energy towards the chosen goal will keep you motivated despite any odds.
  5. Take a course about the opportunity. Why waste 7 years trying to figure out the whole process on your own. And yet there are gurus in the same field that can mentor you so well.

Just to help you put things together, I created separate posts to help you find some of the best online jobs in Kenya which you can research on. 

Best online jobs for you to work online In Kenya

Top five best picks:

1. Start a blog

This will make your dream digital lifestyle come true. You just need a few days to learn the whole art, put in some effort, and then get yourself a complete stream of income that you can fully depend on. I made here quite a detailed post to help in getting started blogging.

2. Learn and trade forex

The day I heard of forex I saw myself as a millionaire, literary this thing is magical. Imagine analyzing and forecasting that a particular currency will rise or reduce in value after a period of time. The right focus earns you up to 90% profits. The secret is investing your time to learn, practice, and surround yourself with other traders. 

If you feel forex trading is your thing then have a look at this step-by-step guide to earning a six-figure income online.

3. Start a dropshipping business

If at one time you ever thought of selling a product online dictating its price and yet you do not have the capital to buy stock, then drop shipping should be your thing. This is one of the risk-free businesses I have ever encountered online. The stock isn’t yours, neither do you make deliveries to clients. All you do is receive payments from clients and send the order to a supplier. 

I know it almost resembles affiliate marketing but this one is not. To help you understand how this opportunity work, you can click here to read on how to start a dropshipping business in Kenya.

4. Learn a social media platform and scale

Most people get to social media to debate, acknowledge, flirt and do other stuff that has got nothing to do with making money online. Someone told me that on social media you are either an entertainer or ‘entertainee’. 

The logical difference is that the entertainer has a chance to make money but the ‘entertainee’ has got everything to engage their time reproductively. I do not know the category in which you fall into. But I want you to be that person that will use social media as a tool for earning.

There are various ways to earn from these platforms. For example:

Facebook:  (a) create groups and pages to promote a product or service and sell. (b) Learn how to run premium Facebook ads and sell the service to businesses.

Instagram or TikTok: (a) build an engaging audience and earn as an influencer.

Twitter:  (a) use trending tags to promote a product or service and sell. (b) Learn how to run premium twitter ads and sell the service to businesses.

Google: (a) Learn SEO, google analytics, and running google ad campaigns. Businesses out here want these services but there is little manpower.

YouTube: (a) create a channel and consistently upload entertaining or valuable videos then you can monetize the channel using Admob.

Whatsapp: (a) build an engaging contact list to advertise to. You can use automation tools such as whatso to ease your campaigns.

5. Create a forum or a web app:

According to Google, the top three highest-paying online websites are blogs, web apps, and forums. If you never knew, these three avenues will pay you even while asleep. They gradually bring an engaging audience that easily converts into some sweet money. 

The only challenge I find in this is that the start-up process may require you to put in so much effort, however with time, you may need zero effort and yet you will still earn. 

Today, there are ready-made tools to help you create either of the above. If you are interested in creating either of the above then consider reading either of the following: A quick guide to creating a web app in a few clicks or A simplified guide to creating a forum.

Other than the five online jobs explained above, you can also read our other posts on online jobs in Kenya that pay through mpesa or online jobs in Kenya using smartphones or online jobs for students in Kenya, and online writing jobs in Kenya.

So take a moment to internalize the available opportunities, which one do you think you can work with? let’s look at the requirements to work online in Kenya.

Requirements to work online in Kenya

1. Personal Computer or Laptop

Owning a well-configured computer (Including a high processor, RAM, Antivirus, and all basic software and applications) is key essential to start working online in Kenya.

A cheap computer will just work for a start. I know as a beginner you could be wishing just work using a mobile phone but it is important to know that; phones are good but not good enough just yet to handle fully an online job.

2. Good Internet Connection and stable power

When it comes to the internet connection, cheap is often expensive. Think of reliability and speed – these two factors will greatly determine the quality of work and performance when working online. Get a reliable internet connection that doesn’t have frequent disconnection.

Talking of stable power, remember working online involves machines that use power. And so, you need to ensure that the power connection is stable enough to keep online at least always whenever needed.

3. Technical Knowledge

If you’re looking for online jobs or internet-related jobs then you need to build your technical knowledge on various platforms other than the basic computer knowledge in order to handle your online work well with ease.

4. Personal Bank Account

You need to have an account with a local bank and an international money transfer service such as  PayPal, Payza, Pioneer, and Skrill Account in order to receive your online earnings. For a start, you may work with a Safaricom till number for local clients.

5. Microphone & Headphone

In case your work requires audio transmission or rather communication then ensure that you have a quality microphone and a pair of headphones to speak to your clients.

6. Communication Skills 

One of the basic requirements for online jobs is having good communication skills. Online jobs may have both written and spoken communication to lead your online business successfully.

Most of the online jobs are based on written communication where you need to have good written communication skills.

Your online job might include email handling, memorandums, and sending invitations to your clients. For doing this, you must have sound communication skills. You don’t have to be perfect, just start and perfect as you go.

NB: Other requirements will automatically come up as you start setting up your working environment. Remember it’s you who have decided that you are going to be doing job X for a living. And so, you researched about it and got finer details about the same so it’s time to set up your environment. What do you think? let’s goooooo…

Setting up a working environment 

Personally, when I started working online I bought a high-end mobile phone but again noticed that I needed a computer. After attaining a computer I again noticed that I needed a just special room away from the destructions at home. So I rented an apartment. That was me. Anyhow, to work online in Kenya you need to treat your online work as any other job.

Unless the job type is the kind of a survey job that you work on part-time when you are taking lunch or watching a movie. But if you want to build an online stream of income then get yourself an exclusive room just set aside specifically for doing your online work. 

The room can be at home (maybe one of those secluded rooms at home) or in nearby rentals as long as it gives you an environment that is conducive for you to work online in Kenya. In other words, am telling you to think of getting an office for you to work online in Kenya. especially if you settled for any of the five recommended online jobs in Kenya.

Deciding your audience/ client

Let me start by giving an example. In Nairobi county, people prefer rice to ugali and there are several stalls selling rice. Whereas in Kitale county people take ugali and have never tasted nor known rice. So you are planning to come up with a rice stall, in which county will you launch your stall…?

If it were me as a beginner I will definitely start from Nairobi county. Kitale will come later when am established and want to scale higher.

That is the exact thing you need to think and decide within yourself. To whom is your product/ service intended? The good thing about working online is that you got over 7 billion users for your business to reach. 

Even if you target a fraction of this population you still got a volume enough to build your digital lifestyle. Do you get some sense of what I just told you? if your answer is yes then the difference between you and success lies in you taking action.

Choosing your payment method

Do you prefer paying yourself or getting paid? I also don’t know the answer but one thing I will tell you is that I am the CEO of my life ha ha ha! With that said, every work done ought to be paid. And so there needs to be a channel to which payments will be channeled. 

So it is good that you define which method you will use to receive your payments.  You don’t have to limit yourself to local channels only such as MPesa. Create an account with international money transfer systems and link them to your MPesa for ease of withdrawal.

With everything set up, get to work and avoid any kind of destruction. Settle for nothing less than the best. As time rolls you may want to scale up. Expanding your digital work is good, just weigh the profits and the involved work. If it is worth it then get on the go.

Our final thoughts

That is all you need to know to work online in Kenya. I tried to be quite general in the whole post however you can use the embedded links to read the detailed posts. 

Please note that this post is frequently updated to bring you the latest and best value always.  If I left anything you would like to know please drop it in the comments section below.

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It’s time to work online in Kenya and make money, are you ready? let’s goooooo…!


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