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Academic writing jobs gives you a chance to get to be your own boss since you work in the comfort of your own home at any time. However, your discipline and hard work determines your pay.

Ultimate guide on academic writing jobs out of research

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Academic writing jobs ideally focus on writing for an academic audience. The writing varies depending on the particular audience that its intended. The academic writer works closely with students so that he can be able to get jobs and to be able to write good essays for submission in college.

In order to become a good writer, there are several principles that you will need to follow. Let me take you through them quickly:

  1. Be a good developer of the main idea:-The main idea will be the focus of your paper and it should always come out clearly.
  2. Research:-As a writer you should research widely and read more resources so that you can be able to gather as many ideas as possible. The more you read and research widely the more your argument will be stronger.
  3. The audience:-One aspect that is usually overlooked is the audience. As an effective writer, you need to establish the target audience before you begin writing.
  4. Organization:-an academic paper needs to have a clear format and they do follow a particular order. Your argument must be clear and well laid out.
  5. Plan:-One of the secrets to a good academic write-up is to have a clear outline and your work to be well organized. You will need to brainstorm the best ideas.
  6. Read, Edit, and Revise:-After you’ve written your paper you will need to do a close check-up on your work while editing it. While revising your work you will be able to correct your work and make sure it meets the required standards.

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Types of academic writing jobs

There are four main types of academic writing that include analytical, critical, descriptive, and persuasive. Each of them has a specific feature, language, and purpose.


This is one of the simplest types of academic writing whose sole purpose is to provide information and facts. A clear example is an article that will give a summary report on the results of an experiment.

The instructions on this type of essay are purely descriptive and words like report, record, define summarise and identify are used.


Critical writing is usually common for postgraduate, advanced undergraduate, and research writing. In critical writing, you will be required to consider points of view that include your own.

For instance, you may write about the understanding of a researcher’s point of view and then criticize it by laying down the merits of the argument and giving your own perspective.

A good example of critical writing is whereby a writer critiques a journal or a literature review that identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the research.

As  a critical writer you will need to:

  • Summarise the work either in full or in some parts
  • Identify an opinion about the work either to propose better options or to defend the work aganist others.
  • you will also be required to provide evidence that will defend your point of view.

Critical writing requires strong writing skills. You need to thoroughly understand the topic and the issues. You need to develop an essay structure and paragraph structure that allows you to analyze different interpretations and develop your own argument, supported by evidence.


Persuasive writing has features such as information plus re-organizing the information with the addition of your own point of view. Most essays are persuasive, and there is a persuasive element in at least the discussion and conclusion of a research article.

In persuasive writing, each claim you make needs to be supported by some evidence, for example, a reference to research findings or published sources.

The kinds of instructions for a persuasive assignment include; arguing, evaluating, discussing, and taking a position.

To develop your argument:

  • list the different reasons for your point of view
  • think about the different types and sources of evidence that you can use to support your point of view
  • consider different ways that your point of view is similar to and different from, the points of view of other researchers
  • look for various ways to break your point of view into parts. For example, cost-effectiveness, environmental sustainability, the scope of real-world application

To present your argument, make sure:

  • your text develops a coherent argument where all the individual claims work together to support your overall point of view
  • your reasoning for each claim is clear to the reader
  • your assumptions are valid
  • you have evidence for every claim you make
  • you use evidence that is convincing and directly relevant.


Most academic writings are analytical. Analytical writing includes descriptive writing, but also requires you to re-organize the facts and information you describe into categories, groups, parts, types, or relationships.

These categories are part of the discipline, while in other cases you will create them specifically for your text. If you’re comparing two theories, you might break your comparison into several parts, for example: how each theory deals with social context, how each theory deals with language learning, and how each theory can be used in practice.

The kinds of instructions for an analytical assignment include: ‘analyse’, ‘compare’, ‘contrast’, ‘relate’, and ‘examine’.

To make your writing more analytical:

  •  Brainstorm the facts and ideas, and try different ways of grouping them, according to patterns, parts, similarities, and differences. You could use color-coding, flow charts, tree diagrams, or tables.
  • create a name for the relationships and categories you find. For example, advantages and disadvantages.
  • build each section and paragraph around one of the analytical categories.

Where to find academic writing jobs

We covered a very detailed list of websites offering academic writing jobs in our recently published post. You can click here to see the reliable sites on which you can land top-paying academic writing jobs.

Our final thoughts

The advantage of being an academic writer is that you get to be your own boss and get to work in the comfort of your own home at any time. Academic writing is highly favored because of the variety of work that is offered.

This kind of job is highly liked by students since it offers a good income for their upkeep while at school. I would recommend it at any time for anyone that is willing to earn an extra coin.

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