Transcription Jobs From Home
Working on Transcription Jobs From Home can be a great choice for anyone. You may already be qualified to begin your ‘working from a home career as a Transcriptionist.

22 Websites For You To Make Money Doing Transcription Jobs From Home.

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Opting for transcription jobs from home will be a good move for any person seeking to find an online job. It is a good place to start. First, what comes to your mind when you hear the word transcription? 

These are jobs where you will need to watch a video or listen to an audio file and then convert it into a well-written and punctuated document. A friend of mine just asked me a question before I started writing this post which I think you also must have asked yourself at a point if you have been online for some time trying to find a legit online job. 

This was the question; “Do transcription sites hire for real?”

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Wasn’t that a super easy and valuable thing you just did? Hey, it’s time to make money online,  Let’s goooooo…

At first, I laughed but then I remembered myself as a beginner. How I tried out tests from almost all transcription sites by then and guess what… I was rejected all the time. I failed their tests. And am proud to say that because that failure taught me to research and learn first. Then I only can venture into what I have acquired a sharp skill on.

One thing you need to know about transcription jobs is that these sites usually are very strict at hiring transcriptionists that are eloquent in English and are good at grammar. By that, I mean that you should know which punctuation mark is put where and why. 

No matter which site you settle to work for, I advise that you first read their work guidelines. Most of the youths today want to make money transcribing but they depend on what they learned in school or what they think they know. 

Listen, even before you go to draft your cv and application letter to apply for a job in any company in your city. Normally, you do some a bit of study about the company so that just in case you get a chance to attend their interview. You don’t be asked simple questions and you be like ah-ah blah-blah and…

In other words am saying, these transcription sites, yes they do hire. Just make Google your friend, research and you will eventually find yourself in the inner circles of online jobs in Kenya.

Let’s look at types of transcription jobs.

Types of transcription jobs from home

online jobs transcriptionist

 1. General Transcription 

Let’s answer this for you first. General Transcription is the practice of listening to audio or video files and converting the audio to text. The text document is often formatted for readability and punctuation as well. Transcription is needed across all different types of industries such as marketing, education, government, entertainment, insurance among others. Transcripts could be used for students who prefer to read lectures, for hearing-impaired individuals to engage with video files, or even for insurance adjusters processing information.

Some online platforms do offer transcription services powered by artificial intelligence but AI-powered transcripts often include many errors. Human-transcribed texts will always be superior in that regard because people can catch nuances of conversation, certain idioms, or turns of phrase better than an AI could.

2. Legal Transcription

Legal Transcription involves many of the same skills as General Transcription except in a more specialized way. Legal Transcription might involve audio or video files from courts, trials, depositions, or even interviews, just to name a few. This is why Legal Transcription takes a higher degree of training and attention. It is important to know how to listen to certain phrases and terminology.

3. Medical Transcription

Medical transcription services are when medical reports are typed from dictated audio files by physicians, nurse practitioners, and other healthcare providers. 

Doctors, nurse practitioners, surgeons, and other healthcare providers have important, stressful jobs. They’re on their feet all day, doing everything they can to help the patients in their care. There’s a lot that can get in their way, however, and many frequently express frustration in getting so bogged down with paperwork that it limits their time with their patients.

Because of the way healthcare is advancing with technology, there simply is not the demand for medical transcription that there once was. Many doctors use voice-to-text notes and have nurses clean up the notes. Consequently, the medical transcription jobs available do take highly specialized skills. Therefore, it has become a hard field to break into if you are a beginner.

How will you get paid working on transcription sites while in Kenya?

best transcription sites

The sites am about to list below are international websites and so they support international modes of payments. Talking of international you must have had something in mind, right? Okay, while in Kenya, I would recommend that you create a PayPal account. That is what your payments will be channeled to. Creating the account is free and the good thing with PayPal is that it has linked with MPesa so transactions are convenient.

Maybe having said that, it’s time to list down the best transcription sites for you to apply and get to work. The good thing is that the application process is free. Do you love the OJIK blog? Listen, we deliver value and we want you to make money online. Are you ready? Show us some love and make 10 of your friends join our email list. copy this link and give it to them. Let’s gooooo!

The best transcription sites in Kenya

  1. Go Transcript:- our favorite of them all. Their pay range from $0.60 per audio. Top earners make even $1,000 monthly from this site. Click here to see answers to the questions and then you can click here to watch a video to help you score on the audio test.
  2. Transcription Plus
  3. Verbit
  4. Transcription Smith
  5. GMR Transcription – unfortunately hiring only USA based applicants.
  6. Transcribe Me 
  7. Quicktate
  8. Focus Forward
  9. Scribie
  10. Rev Transcription
  11. Speakwrite
  12. Tigerfish
  13. Speechpad
  14. Voxtab Transcription
  15. People per hour 
  16.  Transcription hub
  17. castingwords 
  18. Ubiqus 
  19. Athreon 
  20. E-typist 
  21. Net Transcripts 
  22. Daily Transcription 

Above is the list of the best transcription sites that you can get started with doing transcription jobs from home. Click on any of the provided site names to get to the registration form and apply. Otherwise, you can do a quick web search of the particular name so that you can land on the transcription sites you are looking for.

Final thoughts

It is my sincere wish that the above list will help you to start making a monthly income working on; online jobs in Kenya as a transcriptionist. Remember to do some research on terms of work of the transcription site of choice before clicking and starting the application process.

Most of these sites want you to score 100% on all their tests. It may take 30 days before your application is approved especially if you have submitted the audio test. 

During that waiting period, get to data entry sites or some affiliate programs and engage yourself in online opportunities to keep making money even as you await the test results. 

Again, I will recommend that you try ou goTranscript because with that I have added links to help you win that application. Just scroll back and click on the given links to get started.

Let me wish you all the best in your online hustle. lets gooooooo!


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