online writing jobs for beginners
Online writing remains one of the most sought jobs by young educated people. This is because it offers a profitable income that supports them comfortably.

The Most Profitable Online Writing Jobs For Beginners Today

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Have you thought of online writing jobs for beginners? Ok, Online writing remains one of the most sought jobs by young educated people. This is because it offers a profitable income that supports them comfortably. If you are a starter in freelancing you may be overwhelmed since you do not know what to consider.

Worry no more, since I will be taking you through different types of freelancing online writing jobs available today. The work ranges from writing emails, to Facebook posts and articles for magazines that do offer considerable income opportunities.

In this post we are not looking at online writing sites, writing job boards, or platforms for beginners to begin writing but rather, what you can actually do as an online writer to make a good income online.

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What are the best online writing jobs for beginners

Everyone looks forward to settling for the best, in this case, I equally want to give you the best picks of online writing jobs for beginners. Actually, I put the list in order as in what pays more if some smart efforts are put in.

1. Blogging

The blogging referred in this article is either guest blogging or individual blogging (starting an own blog) whereby a freelancer gets to make some money. Blogging is a subcategory of writing but also can be a standalone freelance activity.

You will need to monetize your blog first and then be able to grow a family of readers, this way you will be noticed by others and be able to get paid for writing posts on their websites.

A key component in blogging is guest blogging whereby it is a great source of income if paired with your other sources of income. To be able to succeed in blogging you need to establish your niche so that your work may be differentiated from a thousand other bloggers.

When you establish a particular niche, you need to research widely on the topic so that you can be able to create good content that is targeted to a particular group of people.

If you are of the idea to start your own blog, we got a detailed post here to help you through to your success.

2. Article Writing

When anyone thinks of freelancing the one thing that comes to mind is article writing. Freelancing works on an article in either online mediums or print or just a combination of the two.

An article writer gets to write on topics that he is well vast in knowledge with or things that are of interest to him or those that he is more passionate about.

As a beginner, you will have to diversify your income by taking other writing jobs. Well-established writers do make a good amount of money out of article writing.

Let me take you through the two main types of article writing.

(a) Magazines and Newspapers

When you talk of the oldest type of freelancing then you won’t miss newspaper writing which is one of the pioneer print publication.

The print publication still remains a viable option for freelancers despite the rise in the digital age. Many people do believe that print journalism is dying but nothing can be further from the truth, print journalism is still widespread around the world.

Magazines are publications that are usually designed for a particular audience. For example;

Trade/Business magazines:– These are magazines that are produced for people in the business profession and they are mainly designed for people in business.

Custom Publications:- These are magazines that are produced by companies for their clients and for marketing purposes.

Consumer magazines:- Magazines of this nature are produced for public consumption and are usually found in public places like supermarkets and local distributors of newspapers.

These magazines rely mostly on freelance writers. For you to be one of them you need to do your research on your topic of specification.

Newspapers mostly do not take freelancers but do have dedicated columns for freelancers whereby their content gets to be published.

(b) Websites

Most magazines, journals, and newspapers do have online outlets whereby they do publish their content as a supplement to the print outlet. There are several online magazines that exist online that publish news pieces, articles, and features.

In order to get article writing there are two ways you can do it; either by pitching or by the commission through the editors. You are expected to go out and look for this job aggressively as no one will come to look for you.

3. Content Writing

Most businesses nowadays require content marketers. This is a huge win for freelancers because the demand for their service of content writing is on the rise.

As a content writer, you will write for specific businesses so as to be able to promote their brand and engage clients, and also to market their services and products.

These are some of the content that you may create; blog posts, white papers, EDMs, advertising copy, press releases, website content, and in-house publications.

You can land this kind of job by reaching out to content agencies. They do hire freelancers to complete work for their clients. One is encouraged to network widely in order for your presence to be established and whenever work comes you are able to secure it.

4. Editing

Although editing can’t be regarded as a writing job, any writer can be able to land a chance in cross-checking other writers’ work. There are a couple of proofreaders who crosscheck other individuals’ work and eliminate mistakes that the writer wasn’t able to see.

Dedicated writers always combine freelance writing with editing as a way to diversify their income. In order to undertake editing jobs, one needs to undergo intensive training and once you are good at it you start scouting for job opportunities.

5. Social media content creation

Social media offers a wide market for freelancers. Every successful business has its presence online if for sure it wants to succeed in the 21st century.

Even though many companies do manage their online presence in-house, a lot of companies are still in the need of freelance writers whereby you can capitalize on these opportunities.

For you to be able to pick this job you will need to do more than just online writing since social media is all about visual and written content.

Our final thoughts

For those that are just beginning online writing, this post will guide you on how to go about it.

For the established writers it will be also a good opportunity to learn more about online writing and the opportunities that do exist.

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