The use of diverse social media platforms or mastering one and maximizing its audience is the tested trick that will make money for you daily without much hustle. How it is done is super simple. Just a few steps and you are ready to earn

The Tested Trick That Will Make Money Online Daily For You

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People have been asking me saying hey Ezekiel, What can I do so that I can make more money online as an affiliate to this blog? Okay, today am sharing a tested trick that will make money online daily for you if you implement it the right way. Of course, I know you are motivated and dedicated to making money online and so you are going to do this the right way.

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Wasn’t that a super easy and valuable thing you just did? Hey, it’s time to make money online,  Let’s goooooo…

So what is the tested trick that will make money online daily?

On this one, I won’t waste much of your time, but before I continue ensure that first, you have created an affiliate account with our site. it is all free. All you got to do is to register, verify your email, and log in to your account to get your affiliate link.

You can click here to register your FREE Affiliate account. Thereafter when you log in to your account, you will find your affiliate link below your account name. Select it and copy the whole link and then paste it somewhere.

[image screenshot]

Now you got your unique affiliate link which if you shared online and a person clicks on it, you make Ksh. 20. Imagine all that from a mere click on your affiliate link.

Since we also support payout through PayPal, the rewarded figure is around $0.20 and that is quite generous huh! Though not much, still it’s worth it. Do you doubt my word, click here to see how other affiliates have rated us. Your rating could be next on the list by the time you finish reading this post. Trust me, we deliver what we agree with our users to deliver.

Now let’s dive into the tested trick you never knew about…

The tested trick

The trick or the secret is for you to get the highest amount of new traffic ie people to engage your link daily. but then how to achieve this is the arithmetics that need to be computed and that is why am writing this post.

Now, have you heard of social media? Which one of the social media apps is your favorite? 

Okay, I will be explaining how you can use the top five social media apps to make money online daily. You can choose any or all to get your link clicked.

1. Facebook

This is our favorite, it’s because it got quite various methods you use to get people to engage your link and make money.

Let’s look at the first method. Join groups of the same niche. By this, I mean you join groups related to making money online. This is how you do it, Log in to your Facebook account and search for keywords such as Online jobs, make money online, work online e.t.c

Next, join all those groups. This is very simple, all you do is click on the join button. You may be required to answer a few questions or wait for the admin to approve you in some groups.

Just type whatever you can to answer those questions, in a case where you got to wait on admin. Just do so and wait, it won’t take long and you will be on board.

Once you are on board there are three ways to get your link engaged.

  1. Share the link directly into the group as a post.
  2. Share the link as a comment on posts
  3. Inbox group members

NB: In any instance, you post your link, always add a caption. Don’t just share it as ‘dry as it is. Here is a sample fab post-template caption.


Does that sound cool? now listen, if anyone clicks on that link and loads our site, you will make cash. Now imagine you join daily 50 new groups. Each group has at least 30,000 members. Definitely, some have more than 500k but just working with the least possible.

Let’s do the math  30k X 50 =150k members. So with such an audience daily and remember it will be adding since you will be joining more groups daily. Let’s say you get only 1,000 people to click on your link. How much will you have made?

Okay, some quick math. For each click you make Ksh. 20. 1,000 X 20 makes it Ksh 20,000 per day.

Am not faking things, there is a reason why we got a high rating on google. Click here to see that. We are legit okay. All you got to do is have a little discipline, dedication, and determination and in no time you will start to see results.

Other than groups, on Facebook you can add your affiliate link to your bio. This will be magical especially if you are awesomely beautiful or handsome. Don’t make this personal. That is nature huh! If you aren’t “well endowed” then get a photo of a blessed one online and add it to your profile. Trust me it will pay you.

Finally, comment on live streams or advertisements. This is a super awesome method because you get to reach an audience that is live and interested in what the link does and so you got a high chance of getting more clicks.

Remember, each time you post your link on Facebook it will remain there permanently and so it will still get accessed in the future whether you are online or not. That means it will get clicks even if you are on a holiday hahaha….. sweet money huh!

2. Twitter 

This is our second recommended social media app that you can use to get more people to click on your link. This is how you can use it.

First, you need to create an account (it’s free) and then create a post template that you will use to share and gain clicks.

Twitter limits the number of characters used in a single tweet so you got to be short and precise and remember to add your link to the tweet.

Tell your audience to click the link, to make your tweet reach a large audience, also add trending tags at the footer.

Here is a sample tweet template. You can copy and use it:





[add your affiliate link here]

#OnlineJobsInKenya #trend #trend #trend #trend #trend #trend #trend

While posting replacing the name trend with the day’s trends on Twitter. Also, since Twitter doesn’t allow you to post the same post twice, each time you tweet the above template, simply replace any of the full stops with any other different symbol. By the time you exhaust all symbols, the trends will have changed. Re-edit the trends and start over again.

Just copying and pasting your tweet and changing the full stops or trends, how many tweets can you make in four hours? 1,2, 3, or 4? If you ask me I will tell you more than 500 tweets. And with the speed at which users engage Twitter posts, you definitely will get hundreds of people to open your link.

Let’s say each trend is having around 10k people following and you added around 10 trends to your tweet. Remember you are tweeting to a live audience (unlike Facebook who may come to view after hours). You are sure they will view the tweet.

And who knows, your tweet could go viral… I can’t even approximate the results coz it will be insane cash flowing into your affiliate account.

3. Instagram

Instagram doesn’t allow links however it got a provision of the same in the bio section. So you can also add your link to your bio and guess what? People getting to Instagram always go to view the bio of community members. Let them be met by your money-making link when they come to your bio. Isn’t that a cool one?

4. Youtube

Youtube is yet another app to get traffic. I mean it is a good place to get people to click on your link. If you got the skill then you can start a youtube channel. However, the secret is to find live streams and post comments in the comment section. Alternatively, post your link as a comment on viral videos.

5. WhatsApp

This app is a game-changer. I listed it last but it still would be the first on the list especially if you are a member of a large number of groups. The only challenge is that finding marketing groups to post your link is quite tricky. But for established WhatsApp users have got quite a good number of WhatsApp contacts and so they can easily use the status views to bait in clicks on their links.

If you can leverage the power of the above apps in the right way, with commitment and consistency, you will start making big money out of online jobs in Kenya in just a few days.

Our final thoughts

Dedication, motivation, and consistency is the secret behind this trick.


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