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Selecting the right paid survey websites can make a big difference, especially since you won’t qualify for every survey you see. Surveys for money have requirements that determine eligibility, usually based on demographic information and your personal habits.

18 Best Places To Take Online Surveys For Money.

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So you want to take online surveys for money, is it so?

first, online surveys are one of the easiest ways for you to make money online. If you are looking for online jobs to work on as a side hustle then considering taking up survey jobs is a good move. There are many sites on which you can take surveys. However, finding one that you will take online surveys for money and get paid is such a time-consuming task. 

Survey sites and apps work in partnership with businesses, individuals, and other companies to help them get feedback on a product or service from the public. So what the survey sites do, they are paid to get you to write your thought about any particular product or your political/ religious affiliation, etc. The survey site then shares the revenue paid to them by the client with you if you be willing to answer the survey.

Survey sites pay quite dismally and you do not want to make this your main source of income. You could make between cents to $50 in a day depending on the site you will be working on.

 You can consider other online jobs such as transcription jobs, translation, and data entry jobs. Alternatively, the best is when you choose to create your own digital business and build a stream of income. 

As said earlier, finding legitimate online places to take online surveys for money isn’t easy. To save you on time and the searching hustle. We put together a list of the best places to find online surveys for money.  

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Best Places To Take Online Surveys For Money

Please note: some of these sites may request some sensitive opinions and data. Be cautious about sharing personal private information such as credit cards, passports, and identification documents in exchange for bucks. below is a list of the Best Places to Take paid online surveys.

  1. Mindswarm
  2. Branded Surveys
  3. Swagbucks
  4. Survey Savvy
  5. Opinion Outpost
  6. TGM Panel*
  8. American Consumer Opinion
  9. Ipsos i-Say
  10. SurveyTime
  11. Univox Community
  12. QuickThoughts
  13. OpinionWorld
  14. Hitpredictor
  15. Surveyeah
  16. Brand Institute
  17. BuzzBack
  18. Surveyon

When to Avoid a Survey Site

Although the sites on our list are trustworthy, you can’t trust every site that claims to pay you to take surveys. Avoid survey sites if they:

Ask for payment. A legitimate survey site will never ask you to pay to join.

Ask for private information upfront. You should not be asked to provide your credit card details or ID cards, If you are in Kenya you will earn via PayPal or any other online payment system that you will choose to.

Have no history or ratings. Well-established companies are more trustworthy. You can read what real users have to say about them and verify their history of payments and available opportunities.

Pay too little. Legitimate companies will have some higher-paying opportunities worth completing.

Have a glitchy or outdated site. Companies that don’t take care of their websites may not take care of their members.

Make it hard to qualify for surveys. Don’t waste time on a company if it consistently disqualifies you for surveys.

Even if the site seems legitimate, if you’re skeptical about it or it spams you with emails, remove yourself from its list. There are enough quality survey-taking opportunities available that you can avoid ones that annoy you or aren’t a good fit.

Tips for Earning the Most Money

There are a number of things you can do to maximize your earnings when taking surveys for money.

Stick with a few trusted sites. You don’t have to sign up with hundreds of survey sites to earn some cash. Focus on the best, highest-paying options.

Fill out your profile completely. Completing your personal profile on each survey site allows the company to match you with relevant offers. Update your profile if you have a life change, like having a baby, getting a pet, or quitting smoking. You might find yourself eligible for new or different surveys.

Watch the time. Keep track of the time spent completing surveys. You’re not likely to earn a high hourly rate completing easy surveys so, if possible, do surveys when you have small windows of time, like when you’re standing in line to fill a prescription or waiting for a meeting to start.

Answer consistently. Take the time to read each question and respond honestly and consistently across sites. Survey sites compare answers and can disqualify users who appear to be inconsistent in their responses.

Check for free offers. Some survey sites have a “free offers” section where you can earn points for signing up for free trials or newsletters. You can also watch for exclusive bonus opportunities on social media and refer friends to your favorite sites to earn free money or bonus points.

Take the highest-paying surveys first. If you register with multiple websites, you might receive dozens of surveys to choose from. Take a few minutes to estimate your earnings per hour before you start a survey. You may be able to make more by picking the highest-paying opportunities first.

Best Practice for Taking Paid Online Surveys

Even if a survey site is trustworthy, there are still precautions you should take.

  1. Use a separate email address. Creating a separate email address for survey offers will keep your work and personal inboxes clear of clutter. Plus, if you stop doing surveys, you can stop checking that email account instead of unsubscribing from a bunch of sites.
  2. Be mindful of what you share. Good survey companies will keep your individual identity a secret. But that doesn’t make it safe to provide them with your Social Security number, driver’s license number, or bank account numbers. Legitimate survey companies do not need this information.
  3. Use anti-malware software. Anti-malware software can keep your laptop virus-free. If you visit multiple survey sites per day, it’s important to protect your computer from malicious spyware and viruses.
  4. Take frequent breaks. Completing surveys can be tedious. Take frequent breaks from your screen so that you’re not tempted to rush through surveys and provide wrong or inconsistent answers.
  5. Fees and false promises. Any survey site that promises you’ll earn thousands per month is either a scam or at least misleading. Make sure the sites you join make realistic statements about your potential earnings and the amount of time it takes to complete surveys. 

Our final thoughts

Taking paid surveys will not make you rich, but they will other than pay you appreciation tokens, they also will help you learn of the interests of different individuals and businesses. 

To make the most out of the internet, it is good to diversify your income streams. Whenever you add them together it will make up an income that is worthy of sustaining a digital lifestyle.

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It’s time to make money online, Are you ready? let’s goooooo…!

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