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This will make you be seen as a valuable netizen and not a spammer when promoting your links, in the process, you will get paid for being valuable.

Sure Way To Make Big Money From Clicks

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One visitor to our site, okay maybe a visitor or an existing user contacted me and said, “hey Ezekiel, how can I make big money using my link?”  I gave a quick answer and said “share your link widely online…” For real this works however anything online needs a strategy and so you need one for you to make big money from clicks.

In this post, I will take you through a cool method that will make you not be seen as a spammer when promoting your links but rather, be viewed as one delivering value to your audience, and in the process, you will get paid.

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Wasn’t that a super easy and valuable thing you just did? Hey, it’s time to make money online,  Let’s goooooo…

Now let’s jump right in on how you can make big money from clicks.

How to make big money from clicks

First, this needs you to be an affiliate of our site. It is free to register an account so if you do not have access to one just click here and register for an account. We got a quick guide to help you set up your account and also a simple methodology to get yourself a large audience to promote your link to.

Usually, as an affiliate, you get a unique link that you can use to share and get engagement to make money. But then at some point, it becomes boring sharing the same link over and over and over again. Your audience could start viewing you as a spammer especially if you are just getting started.

To avoid this, our affiliate program has ha a feature added to it whereby you can generate different links for different posts and share them and still get compensated for the share you made.

In other words, if you just share the default link like what is in the image below, with time it will build a particular notion in your audience and they may end up never clicking on it no matter how many times you share it in a day.

Make Big Money From Clicks aff

However, if you shared a different link from time to time that gives value to your audience and still makes money for you each time it gets clicked then definitely your audience will click on it to get the value embedded in there, and guess what? It will be a WIN-WIN situation. You gave them a valuable link, they clicked and you got paid.

Does that sound like a good deal? Let me take you through the process it isn’t a difficult one. Just a few steps and you will be ready to go.

Simple steps to generating custom affiliate links to posts

No more intro, let’s jump right in I know you are craving to know about the new way to make big money online. You love money … I love money too ha ha ha and so I want to help you to also make more money. Let’s goooooo…

Step 1: Create an affiliate account

We made quite a detailed post on how you can register for a free account on our site as an affiliate. There is no need to repeat the same process here however, the process is simple and you can easily do it on your own. Just to be sure about what you are doing, you can click here to read the post or you can simply click here to register. It’s free and has NO HIDDEN charges.

Step 2: Open the tool to generate links

This can be found inside your affiliate account. To access the tool simply log into your affiliate account and then from your dashboard area click on Marketing and then on Make New Link.

make money from clicks

Once the page loads, scroll down and you will see the tool you will use to generate customized links. It looks like what you can see below.

Step 3: Identify posts to share

The next step is to identify which posts you want to share with your audience. You can find posts in our blog section. We got quite a number of posts that are frequently updated to suit the market. We also write a few more occasionally so you definitely will not run out of content to share and ear.

You can click here to visit our blog

Now all you have to do is to copy the link to a specific post from our blog and paste it into the link generator, Specific website page section. See where the arrows point in the image posted in step 2 above.

Thereafter, click on the Generate button. This will give you a new customized link in the form you see in the image below.

Copy the new links and share them online. You could create five or even ten links to different posts, give them a single title and then start sharing them. This must yield results. Below is a quick template:

Marketing template to make big money from clicks

You can copy the template below and use it for your marketing. Just ensure you copy the links and generate new ones that have your tracking code using the link generator discussed in step 2 above

5-Legit Opportunities to make money online

One of these methods MUST make money for you online.

  1. Become an affiliate of OJIK:
  2. Sell airtime online:
  3. Start a dropshipping business:
  4. Invest in cryptocurrency:
  5. Start influencer marketing business:

Open links and thank me later after you have implemented the guides.

#end of the template

Our final thoughts

Imagine how many people will find the titles valuable and end up clicking the links to get value. In exchange, you will make revenue. It makes me feel good each time I learn of having helped a friend make money online as I do.

I hope this post helps you to make big money from clicks online like magic.

With dedication, commitment, and motivation you will get big results. Come on, have you joined our affiliate program? What are you waiting for yet it’s FREE… see how much Google has rated us for trust by clicking here.

Hey, its time to make money online, are you ready? Let’s gooooooooo…


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