academic writers jobs in kenya
many people have ventured into academic writers jobs in kenya as a business and are reaping good money out of it. You also can make it your main source of income.

Reliable Academic Writers Jobs In Kenya For You To Make Money

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Academic writing is one of the most important skills in academic contexts since writing is the primary method of scholarly communication. It is also the most challenging skill for most students to master. For this reason, many people have ventured into this field as a business and are reaping good money out of it.

Academic writing can be divided into two types:

  • student academic writing, which is used as a form of assessment at university, as well as at schools as preparation for university study.
  • expert academic writing, which is writing that is intended for publication in an academic journal or book.

Both types of academic writing (student and expert) are expected to adhere to the same standards, which can be difficult for students to master.

Academic writing has some unique characteristics that distinguish it from all other forms of writing that are; evidence, structure, balance, critical, formality, objective, and precise.

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Unique characteristics of cademic writing 

Let’s look at these characteristics to help you up and going.

1. Structure

Academic writing should have a clear structure. The structure will often derive from the type of writing. For example, a report will have an introduction that includes the objectives, method section, discussion section, recommendations, and conclusion. An essay for instance will have an introduction that includes the thesis statement, clear body paragraphs with a topic sentence, and a conclusion. The writing should be orderly, with logical progression throughout, and cohesive, with the different parts of the writing, clearly connected. Careful planning before writing is essential to ensure that the final product will be well structured, with a clear focus and logical progression of ideas.

2. Critical

Academic writing does more than just describe. As an academic writer, you should not simply accept everything you read as fact. You need to scrutinize and evaluate the information you are writing about that is to make judgments before writing about anything known as critical writing. This requires a lot of research in order to develop good ideas and an understanding of a certain topic.

3. Evidence

Everything that you write about in academic writing should be evidenced based. Mostly it will be based on previous research work from experts in a certain field. Once you cite another person’s work it is important that you reference them appropriately through different methods of referencing such as in-text citation and in the reference section.

4. Precise

Academic writing should use clear and precise language to ensure the reader understands the meaning. This includes the use of technical-oriented vocabulary i.e if you are writing about hospitals use medical terms, which should be used when it conveys the meaning more precisely than a similar non-technical term. Sometimes such technical vocabulary may need to be defined though only if the term is not commonly used by others in the same discipline and will therefore not be readily understood by the reader.

5. Formal

Academic writing is more formal writing than everyday writing. It tends to use longer words and more complex sentences while disregarding informal words or expressions that are more common in everyday spoken English. There are certain word collections that are frequently used in academic writing that researchers have been able to develop to help academic writers to write good essays. These words can be found in the Academic vocabulary list, academic word list, and academic collocation list.

6. Balanced

Academic writing should always give consideration to all sides of the argument while avoiding biases. An important thing to note is that academic writer should show their stance on the topic they are writing about. In order to achieve this an academic writer should use phrases such as research indicates, clearly or evidence suggests that. These phrases do help to bring out your point strongly.

7. Objective

Each academic writing should be objective, That is the emphasis is always placed on the information and arguments and not on the writer. This will therefore compel the writer to use nouns more than verbs or adverbs. Academic writing is always in a passive rather than an active voice.

Where to find academic writers jobs in kenya

Now that we have known what the structure of academic writing looks like let’s jump into where you can easily get these jobs in Kenya.

  1. Flexjobs

This is a marketplace that is online and suitable for full-time self-employment and freelancers. The beauty about flexjobs is that it rejects scammers and also low-paying jobs so you are sure that every work here is legit.

Flexjobs is designed in search a way that you can custom search for a job that you would like to do. This, therefore, enable you to write on jobs that you would prefer depending on your schedule, level of experience, and what you can comfortably deliver.

in order for you to get access to flexjobs, you will have to subscribe at an annual rate of around $50.

  1. Contena

Contena regards itself as a premium website for freelancing writing which I highly recommend. The site collects the best freelancing gigs around the web that will help you to get the best opportunities.

They also have customized the emails they send to you such that you receive notifications on jobs that meet your rating, niche, and criteria.

I recommend Contena particularly to beginners because they do offer coaching, pro rates, and publish your work so that you can get more work in the future.

Contena pays well its writers but you will need to pay for application fee at the beginning.

  1. Freelance Writing Jobs

This was previously known as Freelance Writing Gigs and it is a well-known site for writers.

It is usually up to date with gigs and you will need to be in communication with the client so that he may offer you a job opportunity.

They do offer great opportunities to beginners thus being a worthy site to scout for job opportunities.

  1. Upwork

Upwork is a combination of two freelance job sites that were known as oDesk and Elance. This resulted in a creation of a hub that hosts over 5 million clients, 12 million freelancers, and over 3 million freelancing jobs that are up for grabs each year.

Upwork offers payment based on hour, short or long-term contract, and the project.

Starters are usually given the opportunity to build up their profile so as to be able to get jobs as experienced writers.

The good thing about Upwork is that you will be able to get work frequently.

  1. Contently

This is an agency that connects freelancers with big brands that one would have had a difficult time landing writing jobs with them. For this reason, they do a lot of screening of their writers especially new ones before offering them a gig.

One has to have a very solid portfolio in order to get started and after that, you will not have a hard time searching for work like other platforms.

  1. BloggingPro

The site is dedicated mainly to bloggers but features opportunities for freelance designers or other creative professionals. The site does offer postings for editing and publishing jobs in addition to freelance writing gigs.

The site is normally free to browse for jobs you’re interested in based on the type of job content writing or copywriting and the type of contract either full-time or freelance and apply to them.

  1. Craigslist

Craigslist isn’t your to-go site for everyday jobs, but It’s a good starting point for a freelancer who is looking to start your writing job and you will have to comb through a lot of low-paying jobs and scams before you get your ideal job.

it has several advantages such as; it is very easy to search and apply for jobs and it has a friendly interface.

  1. Writer Access

This is another online platform that offers online writers the opportunity to showcase their prowess in writing.

To join writer access you’ll have to create a profile and undertake a writing test after which you will be rated. The rating will determine the kind of projects that you will be given and the payment. The star rating will improve as you write.

The advantage of writer access is that you’ll get a steady flow of work from big companies that will pay you well.


With Guru you will have to create a profile that you will use to apply for jobs and once you complete the job you will be paid through the platform.

It has a unique feature called Guru work rooms that allow you to manage communication on your projects. This helps you to have more time to apply and work on your work.

Guru offers free bids but you will be charged some money for using their platform.

10. MediaBistro

Mediabistro is mainly streamlined for those looking to work in the media industry.

The site offers courses that help you to horn your skills and tools that can help you to scout for editors and to showcase your work.

Our final thoughts

Academic writing is a good venture if you are enthusiastic about writing. If persistent about it you will earn a good income and many young people now have mastered the different forms of academic writing thus making them marketable. This is work that will never lack since many students are willing to give out their money so that you can assist them with their assignments.

Have you tried out any of the above platforms? share with us your experience in the comment section.

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