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The Ultimate List Of Online Writing Sites In Kenya

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Online writing sites in Kenya are one of the most famous sources of side hustles for young Kenyans today who are looking to make an extra income. In this article ill indulge in informing you some of the best sites that you can source for work.

The future of online writing is one of the brightest for the future of online. Writers do earn good money beginning from academic writing whereby you earn from doing assignments, content writing, and even article writing.

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Due to good income, many Kenyans have converted online writing from part-time to full-time work due to the revenues generated from the hustle. One is able to cater to all the bills from online writing and support their families through online writing.

Which are the best online writing sites in Kenya?

In order to be successful in this field, you need to know where to get legit work. In this article, I’ll direct you to where to get legit online gigs. These are some of the best websites where you can earn from online writing in Kenya.

1. PayperContent

PayPerContent is a writing platform that requires you to sign up as a member before you can start receiving writing jobs. Paypercontent does not require you to bid for jobs, therefore, meaning the jobs are more regular. You can write web pages, blog posts, reports, and articles on PayPerContent.

Paypercontent will require you to pass some skills test, and then offers you editorial guides that you can use to deliver top-notch content.

The compensation is decent, and you can take as many orders as you can handle.

Though you pick your orders and work time, you are expected to deliver your tasks on time.

Payment is usually after two weeks via PayPal.

2. Upwork

Upwork is generally the best freelance writing platform for Kenyan writers and the global community.

The clients pay very well, especially when you are skilled and with good feedback.

Writers on this platform earn up to $50 an hour. Upwork pays via Paypal and also recently through M-Pesa.

Usually, it takes a maximum of five days for your money to reflect on your Upwork account and your earnings are usually protected by the escrow system your money usually matures after some time.

3. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour allows you to apply to any online job. Not only online writing but also web design, programming, graphic design, translation, and many more.

PeoplePerHour has strict regulations when it comes to the content you create. Every work you submit is reviewed by an administrator, therefore, the more impressive your work is the better you are rated and thus you will get more well-paying jobs.

If you are an efficient writer you will get to earn some good cash.

Payments are through an Escrow system, thus safe. So, you are guaranteed payment for work done.

4. Fiverr

Many Kenyan writers have an account on Fiver. There, you sell your writing services to an international community of well-paying clients.

The good thing about this freelance writing site is that not many documents are needed to sign up and accept freelancers from all around the globe.

Generally, Fiverr takes 20% of your earnings, as you keep the rest. The money matures after 14 days.

5. Kuhustle

Kuhustle is a Kenyan based that attracts clients worldwide. They hire only top freelancers. However, you don’t have to be very experienced to join the platform as it is beginner-friendly. You have to be perfect at research and have flawless grammar.

Kuhustle is an excellent platform for building your writing profile. The best part is that you don’t sit for any skill test, making the application less troublesome.

The platform has grown and it has over 30000 freelancers that undertake various projects.

You need to send your bid in response to the jobs published. Kuhustle limits the bids per job to five, making the jobs very competitive.

6. Falcon Writers

Another Kenyan-based freelance platform is falcon writers and it attracts international clients. You can find legitimate academic and content writing jobs on this platform, and the pay is decent.

They pay promptly via PayPal, and you can make about $10 per 250 words. They even offer bonuses to exceptional writers.

The Falcon Writers team is entirely professional, and they promise live support. Impressively, the company has an online course for less experienced writers.

With Falcon Writers, you can take on as many jobs as you want, especially in a high season. You’ll, however, need to pass a small entry test before joining the platform.

7. Guru

Guru needs you to sign up for a freelancer account and apply for the writing jobs that interest you. When a client likes your proposal, they’ll interview you before awarding you the contract.

Besides online writing jobs, you can find jobs in translation, web design, and sales, among many other disciplines.

Guru pays via PayPal or direct deposit within 24 hours of processing your earnings.

You must create an appealing profile and send a persuasive proposal to win clients.

8. ProWritersTime

ProWritersTime is a reputable Kenyan-based online writing platform. They do hire academic writers in various disciplines such as English, Law, Business, Finance, History, Statistics, and Medicine.

The company is always scouting for Kenyans that do want to work for them and earn a good income. Writers do get additional income for a higher rating on their platform.

The good thing about pro writers is that they do pay promptly and their writers do get refresher courses on writing.

One thing prowriterstime do insist on is good grammar and non-plagiarized work so as to continue working for them.


This is the largest writing platform around the globe and it draws writers from all over the earth’s surface.

Even though their pay isn’t as good as compared to other platforms it is hardly that you will miss a gig on this platform.

Once you build a nice platform after a while you will start getting gigs from different people and after a while, you will get long-term clients.

10. Nerdy Turtlez

Nerdy turtles started as an online education platform but later diverted to hiring skilled writers for its large client base. The agency basically accepts writers In business, accounting, computer science, and engineering.

You have the freedom to pick the job you want and payment is usually based on 250 words for sh 500  and you get to work conveniently in the comfort of your home.

Our final thoughts

Online writing offers limitless opportunities in Kenya. This write-up will provide you with a good startup to this amazing career.

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It is also good to note that as a beginner, these online writing sites in Kenya will not make you rich instantaneously. If you want some extra cash then check out our list of Full-time jobs and Online businesses.


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