online writing jobs for beginners in Kenya

Exciting Online Writing Jobs For Beginners In Kenya

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Have you thought of finding online writing jobs for beginners in Kenya? If you are a creative content creator who can be able to write good stories -this is your best time to shine. Never In history has there been the best time to be a freelance writer than now. The internet provides a great platform for all types of creatives and if your work is good it will just sell itself. The opportunities are endless.

Writers all over the world today publish their books and sell them around the globe through platforms like amazon that have made use of the internet. Freelancers do spend most of their time online finding jobs on the internet and writing so as to meet the ever-growing workforce.

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Types of online writing jobs for beginners in Kenya

Most freelancers prefer writing about a specific niche and specializing in it as compared to writing about different topics. There are several categories that you need to consider and resonate with them so as to be able to pick out assignments that you will be given once you start writing.

1. Technical writer

The job of a technical writer is to put complex, technical descriptions, explanations, and procedures into layman’s terms for consumption by the average reader. Technical writers often write user manuals for computer hardware and software, as well as consumer electronics; they are also called upon to put together procedures manuals for high-tech industries, such as engineering, robotics, and aeronautics.

2. Instructional Writer

Instructional writers compose educational content. This may include online lessons and tutorials, standardized test questions, curriculum or tutoring materials, textbooks, or fully online courses, such as real estate or insurance licensing exam programs. While some companies hire instructional designers to handle course development and writing, others rely upon experts in the relative fields of study to compose the copy, which is then transferred into the course platform once it’s written.

3. Web content writer

Writing for the web has its own set of requirements and unique opportunities. Web content can range from website microscopy to social media content, to blogs to full-length articles and white papers.

Within those broad categories, web copy can further be narrowed down by specialty. You might focus exclusively on projects related to finance, technology, entertainment, or medicine, or you might be a generalist who uses mad research skills to write copy on everything under the sun.

Generally, if you’re writing for the web, your client’s ultimate objective is to drive traffic to a website or sell a product. So, even if you’re writing about the importance of servicing your car regularly, your real focus is on inspiring readers to take action.

Regardless of the assignment, a good freelance web content writer meets deadlines, uses web copy best practices, skillfully weaves keywords into engaging prose, and writes to specific word counts. A great web content writer does all that while producing compelling, relevant, and informative content that drives site traffic.

4. Business Writer

A business writer, tackles white papers, reports, articles, press releases, pamphlets, business proposals, prepared speeches, and more. You might even write a little advertising. The advent of the Internet changed the means by which communication is transmitted, but businesses still require a well-written copy to stay competitive in today’s market.

5. Ghostwriter

A ghostwriter is someone who writes blogs, articles, books, or other works and someone else gets the official credit. Many celebrities and politicians hire ghostwriters to compose their autobiographies, and some book series is credited to a single author when, in fact, multiple authors participated in the project.

6. Newspaper and periodical writers

Newspapers and periodicals either online or print have traditionally paid full or part-time staff writers, but the Internet has made it easier for freelance journalists to sell their work to such publications in a timely manner, which has suddenly changed the landscape of writing.

Newspapers and periodicals are generally divided into sections featuring different types of articles. News writers inform readers of the facts surrounding an event as soon after the event as possible. When writing a news article, the writer must be as objective and unbiased as possible. Editorial writers, on the other hand, get paid for their opinions. Editorials interpret or analyze political, economic, and other current events for readers. Feature articles typically focus on human interest stories. Additionally, many publications also pay writers for movie, book, and music reviews.

7. Email and Newsletter writer

A lot of companies and small businesses looking for writers who can create the smart and snappy email content. This might be for newsletters, cold outreach to clients, or creating email templates for customer service, etc. The ability to write ‘headline copy’ as well as share details in simple terms is a great asset for this job.

When you write compelling emails and newsletters you do trigger an action from the audience that starts with email subject lines that drive open rates. A persuasive newsletter with clear and compelling calls to action has the power to weave the recipient into an inbound marketing funnel. Experience with email marketing platforms such as MailChimp, Convertkit, Mailerlite, etc does give good training.

8. Translator or Multilingual copywriter

Knowing more than one language gives you an advantage in accurately translating content by understanding its meaning and context. You could be asked to translate product manuals, blogs, curricula, financial reports, etc.

9. SEO Content writer

As a content writer for SEO(Search Engine Optimization), you are responsible for growing organic traffic and converting website visitors into email subscribers and customers. Performing keyword research and competitor benchmarking to uncover target keywords is key to writing as a job for SEO. Using those keywords, you will create new, informed, and relevant content and even plan, structure, and optimize existing content to improve their search rankings. Knowledge of tools like Yoast SEO, SEMRush, and Google Search Console is also essential. SEO writing is a skill that requires a lot of expertise, skill, and patience.

10. UX Copywriter

If you have a deep awareness of User Experience and how copy and design work together, then UX writing is the field you should be in. UX copywriters create copy for the customer journey on the web and mobile. They document the copywriting process from initial concepts through production and implementation including registration flows, landing pages, calls to action, microcopy, help text, email copy, social media posts, SEO optimization, etc. This job also requires you to focus on A/B testing and optimization for achieving key business goals.

Our final thoughts

As you start out in the great career of writing, you may be trying out a number of different styles and assignment types. As you practice, you’ll ultimately become flexible enough to take on assignments in a number of categories. You’ll be happiest and at your best, however, you can narrow down your individual groove and rock it.

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