Online Jobs That Pay Through Mpesa
Receiving your payments via M-Pesa eliminates the delays and inconveniences associated with some other money transfer options. Here is a look at the top online jobs that allow M-Pesa payments.

17 Online Jobs That Pay Through Mpesa; Easy To Start And Scale Up

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“I want online jobs that pay through mpesa!”, relax … I also know that that is what you are looking for that is why you are here! Just keep reading and guess what? I got you.

Before Mpesa came into existence, I can say payments weren’t as convenient as it is now, especially if you ventured into online business and jobs.

Just like me, I know you also at any time you think of getting started working online, these obvious questions strike at the back of your mind: Is it a legitimate job? how will I get paid? If you are in Kenya or in East Africa then you always narrow it down and be like does it support payments via M-pesa? 

In this post, I cover some of the online jobs you can do and get paid through M-Pesa. 

These online jobs need a laptop, reliable internet, an active Mpesa account for payouts, a personal time management schedule, and of course the right skills. They are good for part-time work while some can turn into a full-time online job. The good thing is that you don’t even need a CV to get any of the jobs listed below.

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Online Jobs That Pay Through Mpesa

So you are ready to earn money online and get paid through mpesa? Take a look at the list we made for you of the online jobs that pay through mpesa. You must have been looking for this list for a very long time. Don’t worry now, you just got the online jobs that pay through mpesa and its time for you take action. Let’s goooooo… 

  1. Forex Trading
  2. Sports Betting
  3. Article writing
  4. Affiliate Marketing
  5. Create a blog
  6. Content Re-writing
  7. Start an Online Shop 
  8. Academic Writing 
  9. Start dropshipping business
  10. Data Entry Jobs
  11. Write and sell eBooks
  12. Influencer marketing
  13. Transcription Jobs
  14. Online surveys
  15. Do artwork
  16. Write resumes online
  17. Join VIU sasa

Above are the online jobs that pay through mpesa which you can spare some of your time and work on any or all of them. Just a secret to let you know. If you rely on the online jobs that pay through mpesa as in you only want to receive payments using mpesa then you literally will have locked out potential doors to make you rich online.

It is very important that you diversify even the mode you receive payments. Have you heard of working abroad while you are in kenya? That is the mentality I want you to have when you ever think of working online because that will make more money for you than you ever thought of. all you need to achieve this is to have an account with an international payment system. 

Let’s talk about this for a while…

International payment platforms that support Mpesa

While the easiest way to get paid via M-Pesa is by working with Kenyan clients, this may not always be possible. That does not have to limit you because numerous international payment platforms allow users to transfer or withdraw funds via M-Pesa. Here are the most popular ones.

PayPal: This was among the very first international payment platforms to have M-Pesa integration. The service allows Kenyan users to transfer money from their PayPal wallets to their M-Pesa wallets in almost-instant transactions. 

Skrill: This is one of the most popular payment platforms known to online workers. The Skrill to M-Pesa service is fast and relatively low-priced. Just like PayPal, It also allows two-way transactions, meaning users can send money to M-Pesa and vice-versa. 

Wise: This is a London-based fintech company formerly known as TransferWise. The company offers secure, fast, and low-cost money transfer services from the United Kingdom to other countries, Kenya included. The company uses the exchange rate provided by Reuters to convert various currencies to Kenya Shillings available for M-Pesa withdrawal. 

WorldRemit: This is a cross-border digital payment service provider that facilitates international money transfer and remittance in more than 70 currencies and across over 130 countries. In 2021, the company acquired SendWave, a similar fintech company. 

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Xoom: This electronic funds transfer company allows users to send money from Canada and the United States to more than 131 countries. The service allows users to send money to pick-up stations in Kenyan banks as well as directly to recipients’ M-Pesa mobile wallets.

Our final thoughts

Opting for online jobs that pay through mpesa is a very good move because of the convenience of receiving payments especially if you are a beginner working online. You want to build trust and confidence by receiving some cash that you can withdraw as you walk across the streets with your mobile phone.

However, this will limit you broadly unless you are starting an eCommerce store that precisely targets the Kenyan audience like Jumia. But do you know that Jumia supports international products meaning that there is a way it has scaled and it is now international? Are you getting some sense in this?

I want you to embrace the international money transfer services listed above and link them to your mpesa then start working online. Do you like this post? Have you tried out any of the listed jobs above? Have I left out a job you would love featured on the list? let’s talk in the comment section.

It’s time to make money online, are you ready? Let’s goooooo…


Online Jobs That Pay Through Mpesa, earn money online and get paid through mpesa, online jobs that pay via mpesa, online jobs for students that pay through mpesa. Online Jobs That Pay Through Mpesa, earn money online and get paid through mpesa, online jobs that pay via mpesa, online jobs for students that pay through mpesa.


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