online jobs that pay hourly in Kenya
You can now work remotely and get paid by your employer without you physically meeting them. This list of jobs can help you to get started

List Of Competitive Online Jobs That Pay Hourly In Kenya

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Online jobs that pay hourly in Kenya: The internet has made things easier for most people and those who work online. You can now work remotely and get paid by your employer without you physically meeting them.

There are plenty of job opportunities that you can be able to do online and get to earn a decent income and the following are some of the jobs that you can do and get paid on an hourly basis.

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So what are the online jobs that pay hourly in Kenya?

Let us have a quick round-up on online jobs in Kenya that pay hourly. It’s good to note that some of these jobs will only allow you to accumulate funds hourly but only send to you payments at the end of each working day or month. Whereas some will pay you instantaneously.

1. Online bookkeeping job

Online Bookkeeping job is one job that is in high demand nowadays and you don’t need a degree or experience to get started. All you need is an eye for detail and a caring spirit. 

Bookkeeping jobs are among the best online jobs that pay Ksh 2000 or more an hour, without a degree. Actually, you can earn up to Ksh 8000 per hour according to Ben Robinson.

Ben started bookkeepers launch and specialized in showing bookkeepers how to start their own digital bookkeeping businesses and land some high-paying easy online jobs without experience.

2. Online Opinion-Sharing Jobs

Online surveys are among the easiest online jobs that require little effort, or experience on your part. If you love sharing opinions, you can take part in the highest-paid surveys and earn good money while working from home.

If you have time in the evenings, during your lunch hour, or over the weekend, you can take surveys for money and get some extra income. There is absolutely no pressure on when to do this.

Companies like Swagbucks, branded survey, opinion outpost, and survey junk pay well to share your opinions about certain products or services. Taking online surveys can be a great side hustle if you have some time to spare. On average, you can earn Ksh1000 to ksh1500 per survey, but some pay as high as Ksh10000 per survey. Most surveys take 20 to 30 minutes to complete, but the questions are simple and fall in line with the products and services you already use.

3. Online Teaching Jobs

If you are searching for a legit online job that pays hourly then teaching is it. Teaching young kids in your spare time can actually earn you money if you don’t have a job.

We have online teaching platforms like VIP kids and Magic ears that have remote hourly jobs and are always looking for new teachers to add to their team.

With these companies, you get to teach children around the world how to speak English. Plus, the lesson plans are provided for you, so you just need to show up with a great attitude and teaching spirit. To get hired, you just need a fast internet connection, a pair of headsets and Skype installed on your computer. Each of these companies offers remote tutoring jobs that pay hourly, and you can expect to earn up to Ksh 2400 per hour.

4. Online Data tracking Company

Nielsen Computer and mobile panel is an amazing company that will send you Ksh 5000 if you agree to keep their app on your mobile devices for a year.

They normally conduct internet usage research and the only way they can do this successfully is if their app stays on your devices, so they give a little incentive to encourage people to keep the app on their phones or computers for as long as it’s needed. The app is lightweight, 100% free, and very legit.

5. Start a Money-Making Blog

Starting a blog is one of the best ways in which you can earn online. It’s passive income that keeps growing month after month and you can monetize it the way you want.

You can do ad placement and earn every time someone clicks on those ads, or you can sell your own ebooks, and courses or create a “hire me” page.

If you are searching for online jobs to make money, starting your very own blog will be your best bet! Here is a detailed guide to help you get started with your blogging career

6. Online Virtual Assistant Jobs

Virtual assistant jobs are among the best paying online jobs paying at least Ksh 2000 an hour or more, which can make you legit money. And, it won’t take you long before you land an hourly paying job as a full or part-time virtual assistant. There are lots of virtual assistant companies looking for people just like you. There is the possibility of you earning up to Ksh 5000 an hour as a virtual assistant if you have the necessary experience and skills.

7. Online Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance writers are in high demand. You can work from home and set your own hours, which is a huge time saver for many freelance writers who have children or other outside responsibilities.

This is a job that doesn’t require any work experience or formal education, but you’ll need to be good at English and have excellent writing skills. You can find freelance jobs online from a number of sites, including Upwork.

Freelance writing can be a lucrative and profitable business if you know what you are doing. Freelance writing is among online jobs that pay Ksh 3000 an hour or more. You can decide how much you want to earn here.

9. Chegg tutoring jobs

Chegg is a tutoring company that offers jobs that pay cash 2000 an hour. It’s a great opportunity to earn an income without paying anything.

They have flexible working hours. You work whenever you want and from any part of the world.

This is an excellent part-time job that you can do together with your day job. Most tutors earn Ksh100,000 per month on average. Payments go out on a weekly basis.

10. Best Editing Jobs Available Online with Book in a Box

If you are searching for online jobs that pay hourly from home, you should check editing jobs with Book in a Box. The company offers an opportunity to work as an editor for a variety of clients and projects. There’s no set schedule, so you can work according to your preferences and availability.

Book in a Box usually hires proofreaders and editors. You can make ksh 2000 or even ksh5000 per hour depending on the job opportunity available. The only drawback is the positions are temporary.

But, one great thing about this company is they offer you training so you don’t feel left out and they even surprise their best-performing freelancers with gifts.

11. Customer Support Jobs with Working Solutions

Working solutions is a customer support company that hires agents to work on client programs. The application process takes 15 minutes, after which you take an assessment test that takes 30 minutes.

The programs pay differently but most of them pay Ksh 900 to Ksh 3000 per hour.

12. Web Design Jobs for 20 An Hour, with 10UP and iFreelance

If you’re a skilled web developer and can design websites, then this is the right online hourly job for you. We have a number of companies that hire people to create custom-designed websites at a fee. And if you’re really good, they’ll pay you hourly and even offer benefits!

10UP is an app and web development company that hires web designers and developers to work remotely. They pay more than Ksh 2000 per hour because their annual salary averages Ksh 8,000,000, and you can choose to work full-time or part-time.

iFreelance is another company that hires freelance web designers to create custom-designed websites for their clients. Feel free to check it out if you need more alternatives.
13. Higher Education Jobs with APass Education Group

APass education group has open positions for higher education assessment writers, K-12 Science, Math, and Social Studies, Illustrators, and Layout Artists.

They pay ksh2000 to ksh3000 per hour depending on your skill level and the subjects you are teaching.

You should give APass Education Group a try if you want to make ksh 2000 an hour online.

15. Medical Coding Jobs with iMedix

iMedix is a medical coding and transcription company that pays medical coders Ksh 2100 to Ksh 2600 per hour.

They have both Independent Contractor and employee positions. You must have a headset, a microphone, and Infinity IN USB-2 foot pedal before you apply.

Our Final Thoughts

These are some of the jobs that will enable you to earn some good cash online. I have tried some of them and it’s true they do pay on time. I would encourage you to find your niche and pick one.

What do you think about the list we just posted above on online jobs that pay hourly in Kenya? Have you tried any of them? how was your experience? Have missed out on something? Please let us know of your views in the comment section.

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