All-time always, in Kenya you ought to be well connected or linked up to find a job, even online jobs for students to earn money. It has never been simple to find one unless you got linked up by someone. 

I do not know why it has been such a mystery for that long and still, it is too many. You can never land an online job as easy as walking to a park on a bright summer day. Anyway, I call that life and I got no one to blame for that as long as am alive I will find a way to make money. And that is my responsibility. I hope you also find it to be your responsibility to achieve your wants.

But just before I get to the finer details in this post I would like you to take the following actions just to be on the safer side:

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I know you took the actions and now we can continue, shall we?

How our online job business began way back

Vividly, I do remember when I started working online, I combed the internet so much. I was happy and overwhelmed by opportunities. Unfortunately, the internet is no friend to newbies. I fell into scammer’s traps and lost cash in the process of my job search. 

As of now let’s get to the objective of this post. Online work for students to earn money! Does this sound cool?

I know it is of such value to you and you are almost shouting hey, thank you OJIK for this post. But just a moment. I want you to check through the list first. Find an opportunity that befits your interests and most all, one that is ready to start paying you. 

Once you make your first coin from any of these opportunities, get to our social media platforms, and shout your appreciation as loud as you want to, also rate us 5-star. Does that make sense?

Just a point to note, an update will be coming soon with guidelines for each job. But still, you can do your research as you wait for the update that will be coming in a few days’ time.

List of Legit Online Jobs For Students To Earn Money 

1. Start a Blog

2. Sell your notes

3. Install Apps on Your Devices

4. Start a youtube channel

5. Become a transcriptionist

6. Trade forex & stock

7. Become an affiliate marketer

8. Join Fiverr

9. Create Courses and sell them online

10. Design websites

11. Flip general products online

12. Writing jobs

13. Sign Up with Cashback Websites

14. Translation jobs

15. Data Entry Online Jobs

16. Brochure Designing

17. Social Media Manager

18. Flipping Websites

19. Virtual Assistant

20. Design logos

21. Test games online

22. Complete online surveys

23. Edit videos

24. Start dropshipping

25. Bet or Sale Odds

26. Sell Airtime

Start making money from either of these online jobs for students, even as early as when still you are a student. By the time you turn thirty, you will be financially stable and ready to hold life by its horns and say hey, I got you now… let’s make more money. Shall we?


Above are our best picks on online jobs for students which as a student you can venture in and make some cash for yourself. All you need is personal efforts, sacrifice, and really push toward achieving your income goals from these online jobs for students. The good thing is that your earnings are not capped to a specific figure.

Just a little strategy and boom, awesome income will start flowing your way. If you asked which one I would go for, this would be my take; Get yourself a blog, create a youtube or TikTok account then apply for affiliate programs.  That is exactly what we do at TikToka. I only recommend to you what we have done and proved to be working.

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