make money selling domain names
People online drop website domains daily. A domain is something like So people purchase these domains and then they fail to renew them. You will buy and re-sell them.

how to make money buying and selling domain names

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People are making so much out here from online business opportunities that have been kept like a top-secret. Well guarded so that the less advantaged can never know about. Anyway, OJIK is here and today I want to walk you through how to make money selling domain names.

Does that sound cool?

I know you already are wondering and asking yourself the obvious question: how can you make money selling domains? I will be sharing the details in a short while.

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Wasn’t that a super easy and valuable thing you just did? Hey, it’s time to make money online,  Let’s goooooo…

make money selling domain names

How this Opportunity works

People online drop website domains daily. A domain is something like So people purchase these domains and then after some time they fail to renew them for reasons well known to them.

Definitely, it is nothing illegal. For instance, before I got to onlinejobsinkenya, I had purchased around 15 domain names which I used for less than three months and then I switched to another. I stopped renewing them and they are all there free to re-sell.

Now, In this case, you won’t be doing anything much other than signing up for email alerts so that, Whenever people drop their domains, you will quickly take them and check their value online. It is just a copy-paste thing and in seconds you got the figures.

If you find the value to be worthy then take the domain and post it to a domain name selling site. You eventually will make money when an interested person buys it. Does that make sense? Does it sound like you can make money flipping domains?

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Let us get to the step-by-step guide to help you get started with this opportunity

Step by step guide to how to make money selling domain names

can you make money selling domains

Now it is time to visit a few sites step by step to set up your online office. Are you ready? Get yourself together and let us do this together. You are about to make money selling domain names. Can I hear a hurray….!

Step 1: Go to

make money selling domain names is a website that works as an intermediary between domain buyers and sellers. You join absolutely free and you can make as many sales as you want.

I know it is a premium service because they know you are going to make a lot of money. But you don’t have to pay a dime. Create free trial accounts and if you don’t make a sale in 7 days, cancel and create a new trial account. That is what smart marketers do online.

I know of people who do this as a full-time job since they make thousands out of this easy business with easy money. And they told their job and boss to go to hell.

You also can do this and make good money out of it. Well, this won’t make you a millionaire because to become a millionaire online you need to have diversified sources of online income. You just don’t depend on one.

But maybe luck may happen to you like some bitcoin holders and you could make millions from your single source of income.

Anyway, you now need to go to Efty and create an account as a seller.

Next, you need a tool to evaluate the value of the domains that you will be selling so that you don’t overprice or underprice them. let us do this in the next step.

Step 2: Go to the Free Evaluator tool

how to make money selling domain names (1)

With the Free evaluator tool, you will be able to get the best price to tag the dropped domain names. Some of the dropped domain names are of high quality and you can make really high profits.

When I landed on this website I grew curious to know the value of some of the domain names I own. At the time of writing this post, the least of my blogs was around three months old and guess what, the value now is at $1,000+

If it is to be sold today, then there you have the pricing.

Also, even smart buyers use this tool to check the value of the domain and then they give an offer. So you really need the tool to tag the domain with the right price and allow room for bargaining.

All you need to do is to get the dropped domain and copy it. You then will paste it into this free evaluator and then in just seconds, will see how much the domain can cost.

Other tools to help you evaluate the value of your domain name include Estibot, Flippa, GoDaddy, Seddo, Domain Index e.t.c

I know you are now asking yourself, where you will get those domains. Sure, I will tell you where and how you will get the domains in the next step.

Step 3: Sign-up for the Just Dropped Newsletter


how to make money selling domains

I can’t believe am sharing this method with you. I mean I am not promoting any of these services. I am just loving you guys because I want you to take action and start making money online today.

And if you want more secrets about how you can make money online or general online jobs in kenya then join our newsletter, it is free.

Back to business. Just Dropped is a website that collects all deleted domain names and they avail them to you for auctioning. Actually, you get them at the best price.

All you need to do is to join their email list for free. So from the menu click on the Join newsletter ribbon and then fill the email signup form with your respective details. And then confirm your email.

Once you have confirmed your email, you will be provided with a list of Today’s dropped domain names. 

Yours will be to find quality names going at a lower price and then buy the domain. For example, You get a domain name on the just dropped list it costs $24, and yet when you check its value using the free evaluator tool, it costs $1000.

So yours is to purchase the domain and quickly add it to your selling account on the Efty website. Imagine how much profits you will make on a single sale. Yours is to simply add the domain and you wait for sales.

Does this opportunity sound like you can do it? Do you think you can do this? If you can do this then comment below the word Yes I can.

In a case where you are starting from zero. You do not have any funds to buy a domain name to start selling. Then we got these two posts for you to make for yourself quick capital online. To read the first post, click here. and to read the other post click here.

Our final thoughts

This must be the easiest online jobs in Kenya for you to make money online. You just add a domain to a site and wait for money in your account. All I believe in, is, action-taking.

If you take action now, tomorrow you will be a step further. And that is how financial freedom is built.

I wish you all the best in your journey towards finding top online jobs in Kenya to build your financial freedom.


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