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This opportunity is a good one to make money out of online as a side income however much it may not make you a millionaire. At least you can be sure to make a day's tip/ token to pay off some cheap bills.

Simple Guide How To Make Money Out Of Online Jobs In Kenya

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You wanna make money out of online? okay, I mean make money online!

This is a quick summary of what you should do to get started working and making money on the online jobs in Kenya blog. Please note that currently, we are running an affiliate program from which you can make between Ksh. 0.05 to Ksh. 20 per click made on your affiliate link. I know that may seem too little to work for but guess what, Joining and working is all Free. Other than that, you are being rewarded per link click… isn’t that awesome?

Okay, It may seem too good to be true but definitely, there is a reason why we got a great rating on google, a busy forum, and an engaged Facebook group. It all proves a point, this blog is trusted and loved by our existing users. And If you join us definitely we never disappoint.

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Wasn’t that a super easy and valuable thing you just did? Hey, it’s time to make money online,  Let’s goooooo…

How To Make Money Out Of Online Jobs In Kenya

Now I won’t go into many details but take you through the step-by-step method to start making cash online. It is important to note that you can make from our blog in two ways.

1. Reading blogs and implementing the guides

You can visit our blog section and comb the great ideas we have tested and confirmed to be working in matters of making money online. All you need to do is get out of your comfort zone and get dedicated and self-motivated to get real success out of the guides. When I talk about the success I mean real financial freedom out of just implementing our exclusive guides keenly.

In this case, you will be paid by your clients or the company you will be advised to apply and work for in the blog post. In most cases, the opportunities are Free except for those that require obvious start-up capital, and that will be explained to you clearly in the post so you definitely will make an informed decision before you can make a purchase.

You can visit our blog section by clicking here…

2. Join our affiliate program and let’s pay you daily per link click

Wait, did you read the title correctly? Yes, get paid daily per link click! (through MPesa or PayPal) As said earlier, this sounds too good to be true. We have had many Ponzi schemes that have made away with peoples’ money and so I don’t blame you for being skeptical. I also was once a victim before I began this blog to help innocent netizens like you, to make real money online and so we share genuine opportunities.

Forget my much talking and click here then see and confirm with tangible evidence to prove my point that this is real, your rating could be next on the list in a few days from now.

Now let me take you through first, how to create your account and then how to log in and set up your account. Shall we? Let’s gooooooooo

Creating an affiliate account at Online jobs in Kenya

To create an affiliate account on our site, click here or scroll to the footer of the site and click on affiliates. This will open a page with two buttons. Register and login buttons. Since you are a new user, click on Register as shown below.

Register ojik

A new page will load with a set of instructions. This is what you ought to do. Locate an AD on the screen (As in the image below) and then open it. Scroll to the bottom of the ads page. back to the top and then close the page. This should take you back to the registration page.

Open Ad OJIK make money out of online


Now scroll down this page and fill the registration details with respective details. Remember to check the TOS box then click on the register button.

The next page has got also a few instructions, take a few seconds to read through them. Basically, again find an AD on the page and open it as you wait for us to send to you a verification email.

After taking action as per the instructions on the page, you can close the site and open your email inbox. There you should find an email from Online Jobs in Kenya. Open it and then click on the verification link to verify your email address.

This should redirect you to your affiliate account. If otherwise then click here to log in. Again do as instructed on the page before you can enter your login details.

Set up your payout details

Once you are logged in, your dashboard should appear like what you can see below. the first step here is to set up your payout details and so, click on this green text or click on Profile and then Payout details. Please note that we currently only support MPesa and PayPal only.

Next copy your affiliate link and start sharing it online on social media platforms. Whenever you share your link and a friend clicks on it you will have Ksh 20 added to your account.

You can share your link to Facebook groups (comment section), WhatsApp groups, WhatsApp statuses, Twitter, etc.

To achieve better results, add a caption to your link that will give your audience a reason why they should click on it. If sharing tweets, add a text caption plus trending hashtags and post as much as Twitter can allow you to post.

my link OJIK

Your dashboard will have funds adding up automatically each time your link gets clicked And it will appear like what you see below.

dashboard ojik 2


All payments will be sent to you as defined in our affiliate terms and conditions unless if communicated otherwise in our forums or on our social media accounts.

Our final thoughts

This opportunity is a good one to make money out of online as a side income however much it may not make you a millionaire. At least you can be sure to make a day’s tip/ token to pay off some cheap bills.

This is all free to join and to work, THERE ARE NO HIDDEN CHARGES! All the best in your online career

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