Work as a jumia force
Jumia force is a Jumia sales consultancy scheme in which you help clients make orders online. Getting started is free. Like any other online business, the growth and learning curve could be quite sharp. It needs some effort to earn.

Make money online working as a Jumia force (Sales consultant)

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If you like Jumia products then you surely can make money in form of cashback anytime you buy products from their website. Alternatively, you can become a Jumia sales consultant (jumia force) and help other shoppers make orders from Jumia and you will receive cashback.

Jumia launched way back in 2012 with its offices first set up in Nigeria Lagos. However, as time rolled, the company opened several other offices across Africa. Amongst them are Kenya, South Africa, Morrocco, Uganda e.t.c.

At first, Jumia supported only an affiliate program where influencers could sign up for an account. Then they could generate affiliate links to products they are promoting. The links contained a special code that uniquely identified the influencer.

Jumia would then use the unique code to track sales for each influencer. This program was recently renamed to Jumia KOL program.

Other than the Jumia KOL program, Jumia also launched a Jumia sales consultant program that I want us to discuss. And I will help you to know how you can make online when you work in this program.

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Becoming a Jumia sales consultant (JForce)

Become a Jumia sales consultant

As a Jumia consultant, also is commonly known as a JForce. You will be responsible for taking clients’ orders and making the orders on their behalf. This business booms so much during the Jumia Black Friday that starts somewhere around November 1st.

Most shoppers always want to buy from Jumia during this season because Jumia runs a lot of discounted offers during the season. Unfortunately, most of them do not have much knowledge of online shopping malls. All they know is that Jumia is running discounted sales.

It will be to your advantage if you can start representing yourself as a Jumia consultant early enough before the season come.  Even before then, you still can make a good income if you join the program and either, shop for yourself or for your clients.

The signup process for the program is the same across the countries where Jumia is running the program. The difference only comes in with the signup links as you can see below:

Kenya JForce:

Nigeria JForce:

Uganda JForce:

To find whether JForce is in your country, Simply do a google search of the following phrase in your browser JForce (country) replace country with the name of your country.

Taking and making orders as a JForce

Once you have created your free account. What follows is for you to either start shopping or advertise yourself as a consultant. Take clients’ orders and get paid by Jumia for helping friends shop from Jumia.

The problem comes in on how to shop for clients as a JForce. The training team is quite overwhelmed with the task and it may take some time before you get oriented on what you ought to do. That is why am writing this article. I will help you to get to your feet.

There are two ways to do this. one, you download the JForce app from the web and install it on your phone or computer. Or, you use the chrome method to shop directly from the browser. Let us discuss both starting with the app.

Taking and making Jumia orders using the JForce app

After you create your JForce account, You will see a pop-up on the screen like the one shown below – asking you to add the JForce app to yur home screen.  Click on the Yes option to install.

With the app installed on your computer or phone, you can easily take and make clients’ orders conveniently. I will walk you through the steps on how you can make an order for a client using the JForce app.

Step 1: Get the order

Once approved to work as a JForce, let friends and family know that you can help then shop on Jumia. Let us now assume you already did this and a client named Jane Wairimu from Umoja in Nairobi has ordered a 32″ TCL digital TV. You will proceed as follows.

Step 2: Shop on Jumia using the JForce app

Now open your JForce app and locate the Shop on Jumia icon and click on it. This will open the Jumia shopping page. You may also use any other icon shown below depending on what exactly you want to sell to the client.

Next, from the new page that opens. Search for the product the client ordered for. At this point, you may use the product filter features to filter the most expensive, least expensive, most rated, or least rated.

You also will need to work in conjunction with your client. send a screenshot of the item to the client for them to approve first before you continue.

Step 3: Check out the order

If the client confirms that, that is the exact item he/ she wants. proceed to checkout in this way. Click on Add to cart button below the item.

A pop-up appears asking you whether you will continue shopping or proceed to check out. In case a client wanted more than one item, you may click on continue shopping. Otherwise, click on Proceed to checkout.

The next page will show the total items added to your cart. You may edit the cart at this point. Otherwise, if there isn’t a need to edit the cart content then click on proceed to check out. 

Step 4. Client’s shipping address

On the next page, you will need to enter the shipping address of the client. If you had shopped before on Jumia, you will be provided with your previous address but you still can change it. Enter personal details of the client in the provided form including full name, address, and phone number.

You then will ask the client whether he/ she wants the order delivered to the office/ home or he will visit a pick-up station. For a pickup station, you also will need to inquire about the closest PUS for him/ her to come and pick up the order.

You also can find the approximate delivery timelines of the order. It’s good to inform the client about this so that they may know when they should expect the order. Click on Next Step to proceed.

Step 5: Payment method

Next, you now will need to select a payment method. The first method is a Jumia pay option and the next is for payment on delivery. Unfortunately, pay on delivery option isn’t available for new Jumia accounts. You will have to make at least five successful orders before it can be activated.

Also, you may add a voucher code for your client if you got one at this point. Now you may click on the Confirm order button.

On the next page, you will find the account number to which you should send to the client and tell them to make payments. Do not exit the page until the client completes making the payments.

Once the payment is made. The page will reload and then you see a success message. The client will also receive a payment confirmation message from Jumia. ( You may need to literally call the client and ask them to make payments to ease the process)

Taking and making Jumia orders using a browser.

Another way you can make an order for your clients or for yourself as a Jumia consultant is by using your browser directly.  To do this, after you have received the order, open your browser (Preferably Chrome).

Open the Jumia website, and ensure you are logged out.  Shop for the items you want and then proceed to checkout. You will be prompted to log in. Fill out the login form in this format:

Email: Enter either the email address of your client or your own email. Jumia will send order updates to this email.

Password: Enter the email you used to signup for JForce then type a comma (,) after the email address followed by the password for your JForce account.

Now click on the login button. Once the credentials are verified, you will be asked to confirm access to the client’s account. Click on Validate button and then proceed with filling in the client’s delivery address and other details as we did while using the app to check out.

Jumia Force commission rates and payouts

The Jumia sales consultancy program pays on commission per sale. The rate varies but with a maximum of 12% per sale. The program has levels or ranks with each having its own benefits. The basic level is Probation.

Promotions to the next level happen automatically if you attain the sales threshold to award you a promotion. Failure to attain a monthly sales threshold of your level for two consecutive months will cause a demotion of your account back to the previous level.

You also can enjoy a lifetime referral bonus from the total sales of all your referred consultants monthly.

All payments are sent to respective accounts by or before the 11th of every month. The JForce team will communicate to you in case there are planned delays on this.

Our final thoughts

Unlike Jumia Kol, JForce is an online sales consultancy scheme to give cashback to Jumia shoppers. As a beginner on Probation Level, I noticed I could make between 1 – 2 percent on sales. When I got promoted to silver I made more and so was the bronze level.

I don’t want to make a decision for you, all I know about the scheme is that you really need to build a good customer base for you to make good money out of this program.

Also, when recruiting team members you need to nurture them and ensure they are selling to reach a team threshold for you to earn referral bonuses.

JForce is a sales job like any other. Only that this one is done online. You need to build marketing strategies and be consistent to earn a good commission.

The good thing with the program is that they got live coaching sessions for consultants either online or offline at venues the management chooses. They also got online training resources which you can access by clicking here.

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