make money online daily without skill
It is free to start, free to grow, no pressure to sell an item or get a downline for you to make your first cash. Just get your link and make friends start using your link to engage our site just that easy.

How To Make Money Online Daily Without Skill (Ksh 2,000)

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Can one even make money online daily without skill?

Good news to you friend, today I got some news for you and definitely, you will love this one. Imagine making Ksh. 2,000 daily online and yet you do not need any skill to do this. You are not selling a product but just doing a simple task online.

The most thrilling part is that everything is free, with no hidden charges but you are guaranteed to make money from this opportunity – trust me I have done this before!

I know you already are thinking that hey, another scammer… Listen! Arrest the evil mindset and keep reading on!

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Wasn’t that a super easy and valuable thing you just did? Hey, it’s time to make money online,  Let’s goooooo…

How to make money online daily without a skill!

Do we have a newbie in the house? definitely, I suppose so. Okay, listen. Today Online jobs in Kenya has a Facebook group with over 8K active members. Twitter has got over 1.5k followers, over 200 new email subscribers daily, and a steadily growing telegram channel.

Do you know why all these platforms are growing? You guessed right, it’s the trust OJIK has built among the community. The trust has come because we deliver legitimate online jobs in Kenya. A good example is the one am about to bring to you right now.

Let me quickly give you an outline of how this opportunity works. Shall we?

How this opportunity works

If not already then you will need to create an account with OJIK, I will show you how to do this in a while. Verify the legitimacy of your email address and then log in to your account.

From your account, you will set up the bank account to which funds will be sent and then grab your unique personal link. Now with your link at hand, share it with as many people as you can.

The more people click on your link and engage the site in activities such as creating an account, signing up for our newsletter, reading posts, logging into the site daily, viewing ads, chatting in forums e.t.c you make money.

Does that make sense? So what are the types of rewards that the daily winners and top affiliates receive?

What are the rewards given to top affiliates?

Sample rewards that you stand a chance to win as an affiliate at OJIK include cash or airtime which is paid on daily basis starting from May 5th, 2022. As of now, you can be sure of making cash out of site engagement, and guess what? You will get Ksh. 20 every time your affiliate link is clicked by a referral.

Let’s do some mathematics.

You join the affiliate program Now, you get your affiliate link and share it on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Telegram, and many other social media platforms.  And then in 24 hours, you get 100 people to click on your link. How much money will you have made huh?

Ksh (100 X 20) = 2,000

You literally will be making Ksh 2,000 daily 

Let’s say you work hard, you are motivated, dedicated, and focused on working the hell out of yourself and you are sharing the link like never before daily for a month. How much will you be making?

Ksh (2,000 X 30 days) = 60,000

You literally will be making Ksh 60,000 monthly 


I do understand that that isn’t much money in today’s economy but I think as long as the program pays for real then it is worth your time and efforts even as a side hustle. What do you think? Isn’t this a nice deal? Do I show you how to do this and maximize your income from the OJIK affiliate program? Let’s goooooo!

How to join the OJIK affiliate program and make money online daily without skill.

By the way, this is FREE! FREE! FREE! Click here or scroll to the bottom of this post and click on Affiliates. This will load this lovely page as shown below. new users click on the Register button while existing users click on Login.

On the new page that loads, enter your personal details. Be genuine because fake accounts will result in a penalty to the account of the person who referred you.

Also, consider uploading your profile pictures since this also helps the team at OJIK to easily wreck out fake accounts.

Before you tap on the register button, ensure you have read the instructions given above the registration form.

After successful submission of the registration form. A new page will appear with short but key instructions. Ensure you read and do as instructed. Just to brief you.

There is an ad you will see on the page. It may appear such as the one you see below, open it, and wait for the ad page to load fully. Scroll to the bottom of the page then close the ad page.

By this time an email verification will have been sent to your mail inbox. It will look like what you can see in the screenshot taken below. This is a very vital step, in case you do not get this email in your inbox then try to find it from the spam/ unwanted or promotional folder.

If you find it in any of the folders then consider adding us to your contact list so that our emails never go to the wrong folder again. Click here to read a guide to help you in white listing our emails.

In a case where you completely didn’t receive the verification email. Consider reaching out to our support team through the contact us page. Unverified emails will get their respective accounts to be deleted within 24 hours and a penalty levied to the referer.

Now, with your account verified. You will automatically get logged into your account. You can start making money online right away. A login link will be sent to your email to help you quickly access your account in the future. Otherwise, you can get to the affiliate page and click on the login button.

In the event that you are requested to log in, Remember to engage your login page ad’ just before you enter your credentials to access your account (any time and day you are to log in). Detailed instructions are put on the login page, consider reading them. It’s just short notice.

Now that you are logged in, Let’s discuss your affiliate dashboard. This is where the real treasure is. I know your inner being is un-settled, you want to get started making money right away. Fine, I want us to make money online and I know you are finding value in this post that is why you read till at this point.

Could you show me some love, or have you already done it? Comment below “Much love Ezekiel W” now let’s gooooo!

The OJIK affiliate Dashboard

Wait, are you there with me? Have you logged in to your affiliate account and you can access your dashboard? I also created a test account just to take you through this opportunity. When you log into your OJIK affiliate account, you will see a display such as the one below.

The display may slightly be different depending on the type of device you are using however the details are the same.  And by the way, did you notice what my name is on the dashboard? Am always winning hahaha!

Anyway, first things first, from your dashboard you will notice an alert to set your payout details. This is very important because if you do not set this then how will you expect the OJIK team to send you money?

Currently, we only support Local banks (in Kenya) and M-Pesa. Whereas international users can only receive their payout through Paypal only.

To set your payout method, click the ‘here’ in green color and you will be taken to a form that you can fill out. In that form type your details as follows:

Bank Name: …………. Account Number: ………

Example 1, local affiliates:

M-Pesa: 0700000000 

Example 2, international affiliates:


Assuming you lost the ‘here’ option, then click on Profile and select Payout details. Once you are certain that you typed the correct account number, click the save changes button.

make money online daily without skill account

At this point, you are sure your payments will be sent to your provided account. You should never change this account at any point when your payments have been set to Pending. Only change before this is made to your previous month’s earnings.

Finding your affiliate link

From your dashboard, click where arrow number 2 is pointing at ‘Marketing’ and then select ‘Affiliate links’

You will now be met by your real online gold mining tools. The mere link you will see lying right there on your dashboard is what will determine your daily, weekly, or monthly payments. How simple is that?

Let me bring this to your attention. There are two ways to get your unique link. First, take a look at the image below.

make money online daily without skill affiliate link

No1. there is the default affiliate link. This will take your referrals to the homepage. all you need to do with this link is to copy the whole of it and share it with your public audience and get people to engage it.

But what if you want to reach a specific audience? let’s say you want to tell your friend to start a blogging business and you want us to compensate you for helping your friend find a job online. This is where No2. in the image above comes in. This is what you will do.

  1. Get to our blog page and find a post on how to create a blog that makes real money. (definitely, you can find any other post depending on your interests)
  2. Copy the URL link to that particular post of your choice.
  3. Paste the link in the bar circled above No. 2 (Under Specific Website Page)
  4. Click Generate Link button

After you take the 4 steps above, you will have a custom link that you can copy and share with your specific audience. It will closely look like what you can see below with a green strip.

There are no limits to the number of links you can generate in a day. You are at a freewheel to do as much as you want and share as widely as possible even as you accumulate funds towards your threshold. Does that make sense?

Think of this, Create a free account, get a free link, share the link at your own will and wish, share it with whom you want whenever you want, and still get paid some damn cool cash… What do we call that?

A digital lifestyle? mhm, a legitimate online job? or a freebie?

I do not know a better name to give to this opportunity that best describes it but one thing I know, this opportunity pays! come on, click here to create a free account and start making your own money online. let’s gooooooooo!


If you reach the set withdrawal threshold of Ksh. 2,000 by the end of the month, all your accrued funds will be sent to your set account at the end of the next month except when we make a communication concerning a change in the payment schedule.

For example, In May, you reached or surpassed the threshold i.e you made Ksh. 4,500. These funds will be sent to your set account at the end of June (latest 5th of June).

At the end of each month normally we run an end month promotion in which we pay our affiliates daily on whenever you reach the withdrawal threshold. During the promotion, your payout gets sent to you the same day you cross the threshold. This offer may run for days to weeks depending on the level of competition among affiliates.

Payout Proofs

I know anyone who wants to work online will demand proof. This is a way to try to evade the angry jaws of scammers. Scammers are also smart and they can fake up anything.

At OJIK we are transparent in our deals and so we put together a forum for our affiliates. They would be glad to share their experience with you on the platform. You can also join for free and have a chat with any of the members on board. Here is a quick link to our affiliate forum.

Alternatively, you can access some payout proofs by clicking on Marketing and then Creatives. We try to put together our payout proofs in an online bank to help you as a beginner to have a starting point.

And by the way, when you receive your payment please take a screenshot of the NBK message and send it to us in the affiliate forum.

Our final thoughts

If you are a beginner working online then affiliate marketing is the place to start. Use other brands to grow your reputation online. Listen, If I recommend to you a platform that pays real money you will trust me and ask for more. Does that make sense?

Now, the same thing applies if you will recommend a brand to someone and that someone finds the brand to be beneficial. They will trust you and come for more.

It is free to start, free to grow, no pressure to sell an item or get a downline for you to make your first cash. Just get your link and make friends start using your link to engage our site just that easy.

Please read our Affiliate TOS page to give you an overview of our simple rules for the OJIK affiliate program. Do you want to know more? post your comments below I will be around to respond. Also, you can use the affiliate forum to raise topics.

It’s time to make money online, let’s goooooooooo!


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  1. I am happy to join you here sir but help me on how to fix my m-pesa account as suggested mode of payment for me

        1. The post has illustrated how you can set up your payment details. There is no withdrawal button or requests for you to make. Your money will be sent to you once you reach the required threshold. Please read the Affiliate TOS. You also may use the contact us page to seek more help.

          1. login to your account, below your username you will see a green link. copy it and start sharing it to accumulate funds in your account

    1. Mohamed Galgalo

      Am very glad to join your team but Mr. Help me to use My Mpesa account and how to sort my financial problem by being in your team.
      Thank you.

    1. this has been explained in the post under withdrawal. You also can view communication concerning the same when you click on Help in your affiliate dashboard.

  2. Hello. I am asking that is it amust that I install the app? And how much can I earn when my friend views the jobs?

    1. there isn’t any app you need to install. just create an account and log into your account to get your affiliate link. Remember to verify your email – its free

  3. Thanks for giving me this opportunity l reside in Nigeria can I use my Nigeria bank account for payout details

  4. Fredrick Mulwa

    This is a wonderful opportunity for me to earn more money. I joined recently and the information shared here is too juicy. I look forward to a bank alert by the end of next month.
    Thank you Ezekiel for the opportunity.

  5. I will immediately grab your rss feed as I can’t find your email subscription link or e-newsletter service. Do you’ve any? Kindly permit me know so that I may subscribe. Thanks.

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