Facebook ads are one of the most popular and effective ways to reach potential customers online. With over 2.8 billion monthly active users, Facebook offers a huge audience for any business that wants to promote its products or services. But creating and managing Facebook ads can be challenging, especially for small businesses that don’t have the time, skills, or budget to do it themselves.

That’s where you come in. If you have a knack for creating engaging and persuasive ads, you can offer your services as a Facebook ads manager and help businesses grow their online presence and sales.

Steps to Make money managing facebook ads

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to make money managing Facebook ads for businesses, including:

  • What skills and tools you need to become a Facebook ads manager
  • How to find and attract clients who need your help
  • How to set your rates and get paid for your work
  • How to deliver results and retain your clients

Let’s get started!

What Skills and Tools Do You Need to Become a Facebook Ads Manager?

To become a successful Facebook ads manager, you need to have some basic skills and tools, such as:

  • A Facebook Business Manager account, which allows you to create and manage ad campaigns for multiple clients
  • A Facebook Pixel, which is a piece of code that tracks the actions of visitors on your clients’ websites and helps you optimize your ads
  • A Facebook Ads Library, which is a resource that shows you the ads that other businesses are running on Facebook and helps you get inspiration and ideas for your own ads
  • A good understanding of Facebook’s ad policies, which are the rules that govern what you can and can’t advertise on the platform
  • A good knowledge of Facebook’s ad formats, objectives, targeting options, bidding strategies, and reporting tools, which are the elements that make up an effective ad campaign
  • A good eye for design and copywriting, which are the skills that help you create appealing and convincing ads that attract clicks and conversions
  • A good communication and customer service skills, which are the skills that help you build trust and rapport with your clients and keep them satisfied with your work

Of course, you don’t need to be an expert in all of these areas right away. You can learn as you go and improve your skills over time. But having a solid foundation will help you get started and avoid common mistakes.

How to Find and Attract Clients Who Need Your Help

One of the biggest challenges of becoming a Facebook ads manager is finding and attracting clients who need your help. There are many ways to do this, such as:

– Creating a portfolio website or a landing page that showcases your skills, experience, and testimonials from previous clients

– Creating a blog or a YouTube channel that provides valuable tips and insights on Facebook advertising and demonstrates your expertise

– Creating a social media presence that showcases your work and connects with potential clients

– Joining online communities and forums where business owners hang out and ask questions about Facebook advertising

– Networking with other Facebook ads managers and asking for referrals or collaborations

– Reaching out to local businesses in your area and offering them a free consultation or a trial of your services

– Creating a lead magnet or a freebie that provides value to potential clients and captures their email address

– Creating an email list or a newsletter that provides valuable content and promotes your services

– Creating a webinar or a workshop that teaches potential clients how to use Facebook ads effectively and introduces them to your services

The key is to provide value first and then pitch your services later. Don’t spam or hard-sell people who don’t know you or trust you. Instead, focus on building relationships and showing them how you can help them achieve their goals.

How to Set Your Rates and Get Paid for Your Work

Another challenge of becoming a Facebook ads manager is setting your rates and getting paid for your work. There are different ways to charge for your services, such as:

Hourly rate: You charge by the hour based on the time you spend working on your client’s ad campaigns. This is a simple way to charge, but it can be hard to estimate how much time each project will take.

Flat fee: You charge a fixed amount per project based on the scope and complexity of the work. This is a straightforward way to charge, but it can be hard to adjust if the project changes or requires more work than expected.

Monthly retainer: You charge a recurring fee per month based on the number of ad campaigns or hours you manage for your client. This is a stable way to charge, but it can be hard to scale if you have too many clients or too much work.

Performance-based: You charge based on the results you deliver for your client, such as the number of leads, sales, or revenue generated by your ads. This is an incentive-based way to charge, but it can be risky if you don’t deliver or if there are external factors that affect your performance.

The best way to charge depends on your skills, experience, and preferences, as well as your client’s needs, expectations, and budget. You can also mix and match different methods or offer different packages to suit different situations. The important thing is to be clear and transparent about your rates and terms and to get everything in writing before you start working.

How to Deliver Results and Retain Your Clients

The final challenge of becoming a Facebook ads manager is delivering results and retaining your clients. To do this, you need to:

– Understand your client’s goals and expectations and align your strategy accordingly

– Set realistic and measurable key performance indicators (KPIs) and track them regularly

– Test different ad variations and optimize your campaigns based on data and feedback

– Communicate with your client regularly and report on your progress and challenges

– Provide value-added services and suggestions that go beyond your scope of work

– Ask for feedback and testimonials from your client and use them to improve your work and promote your services

– Ask for referrals and repeat business from your client and reward them for their loyalty

The key is to treat your client’s business as if it were your own and to go the extra mile to help them succeed. By doing this, you will not only deliver results but also build long-term relationships that will benefit both parties.


Becoming a Facebook ads manager can be a lucrative and rewarding career choice for anyone who has a passion for online marketing and helping businesses grow. But it also requires a lot of skills, tools, and hard work to succeed. 

By following the steps outlined in this blog post, you can start your journey as a Facebook ads manager and make money doing what you love.

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