legit online writing jobs in kenya
Working online is fascinating since your income is not limited to a specific figure. In the writing industry, landing a job could take sometime but these legit online writing jobs in Kenya could open up doors for you.

Most Legit Online Writing Jobs In Kenya To Make Money

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If you are starting as an online writer to boost your income, there are some online writing jobs that you should be aware of to get started. today let’s look at legit online writing jobs in Kenya that you should have your fingers on.

Online writing has a wide range of opportunities from academic writing whereby you get to do assignments for others to blogging and article writing. The beauty is that they all do have a decent income.

Online writing can be a full-time job contrary to what many believe you can only do part-time. It can be able to cater to your everyday bills plus some savings.

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Well, before we dive into legit online writing jobs in kenya, there are a few groundwork tips you need to know to get going.

  • Get some online training to learn the basics. You can learn on YouTube or sign up for an online writing course.
  • Sign up for two or more freelance writing accounts to boost your chances of landing some freelance writing jobs.
  • Network with other Kenyan online writers, especially on social media. You can try Awesome Transcribers Kenya on Facebook.
  • It doesn’t hurt to cold pitch. Send out cold emails to prospective clients and companies, convincing them why they should buy your writing services.
  • Build an online portfolio. Preferably, start a blog to showcase your work to clients.
  • Keep reading and learning from the best writers.
  • Keep away from plagiarism, don’t miss deadlines, and proofread your work before submitting it.
  • Stay unique and always give your best to win your clients with creativity and originality.
  • Only take up projects that you can deliver and don’t sell low just because you are desperate.

Legit online writing jobs in Kenya

Now that we’ve gone through the basic tips of being a great online writer here are some of the legit online writing work that you can do.

1. Article Writing Jobs

Magazines and websites depend on article writers to provide new and unique content.

There are many types of writing jobs from home and it just comes down to what you are interested in and what you’ve experienced.

Articles are more in-depth than blog posts and are usually journalistic in nature.

For example, it may require interviews or for you to go search out a story.

Articles pay is well about $1 a word but they’re not usually recurring. Some magazines publish monthly or quarterly, rather than weekly.

I encourage you to research further and narrow down your field of writing and be a guru in it.

2 . Blog Writing

Blogging is by far the most popular type of content online that businesses want.

It’s also the easiest to find work for since there are many job boards that cater to blog writing jobs.

Blog posts are typically between 800-1500 words and can include certain keywords for ranking in Google, magnetic headlines to draw people in, and a call-to-action at the end of a post.

You can niche down your blog writing to focus on long-form blog writing which means producing blog posts between 2,000-5,000 words long. These writing jobs from home are usually in-depth and require insider industry knowledge.

Generally, blog posts are conversational and are written for the audience.

You could write blog posts for small businesses, brands, coaches, or other entrepreneurs. The blog topics vary from providing educational content to something more entertaining.

And the time writing jobs take for this service doesn’t take all day.

 3. Ghostwriting Jobs

Ghostwriting is when you (ghostwriter) write online content for businesses, brands, magazines, or entrepreneurs and aren’t credited for it. You don’t receive any credit for your writing, so you can’t display your piece on your portfolio or market it on social media as your own.

Ghostwriting is one of the most lucrative fields in writing. You can charge up to 3x more for a ghostwritten piece than for a piece with your author byline. I have several ghostwriting clients and I’m interested in obtaining even more. I find these clients are easy to please and pay well.

4. Case Studies

Many businesses use case studies as a marketing tactic to acquire more business. Case studies are used to tell the successes of their clients using their products or services.

They demonstrate how a client found great results by using a particular product or service. Typically you would write about an individual or a company. You may be asked to write a case study or use case studies in your content.

5. Press release writing jobs

A press release is a written statement to the media.

It’s used by a business to announce accomplishments, scheduled events, a launch, new products, or even sales accomplishments. They continually need talented press writers to turn out newsworthy content and to get it placed in media outlets. Press releases are typically short (400 to 800 words) but can be a couple of pages long.

There’s usually a system for writing a press release, so once you do one, you can use the same template on other press releases. For example, publicity firms can charge hundreds of dollars just to write these types of press releases.

6. SEO Writing jobs

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purpose is to assist websites in ranking high in the Google search results. This is a big industry and many companies hire SEO businesses to help them with this.

There are usually two types of clients seeking SEO content for this remote writing job. One that requires short writing pieces with relevant keywords placed throughout the post. Clients often batch these assignments and offer a low rate. For example, they may want 30 short posts for $10.

The other writing job project may give you the keywords they want you to use and it’s your job to know where to place those keywords in your content to optimize that post for ranking on GoogleThese clients are typically good paying and value writing.

If you’re new and not sure if you’re ready to make the leap into having a freelance business, you may want to consider doing some fast and small jobs like SEO writing. It will certainly give you the skills you need to write posts and it will introduce you to invoices and online payment systems.

7. Web writing jobs

A website writer writes content that you see on websites. The demand for it is higher than ever. Businesses of all stages and sizes whether it’s a new startup that’s just tapping into the online world and creating a website, or an established company that’s expanding and needs more pages on their site are looking for web content writers.

As a web content writer, you would be working on a variety of pages, including (but not limited to) homepages, about pages, FAQs, product description pages, “Why Us?” pages, and more. Pricing varies depending on the length and depth of the site, but $50 to $75 per page is a VERY reasonable starting rate.

8. Product Description Writing Jobs

Graphic design companies or printing companies often have clients that sell a wide array of products and goods.

Many of these businesses seek out a creative writer that can produce highly optimized, SEO-driven product descriptions. If you have a knack for condensing the information into 60-80 word blurb, then you can niche yourself out as the product description writer.

9. Real estate writing jobs

Real estate is a booming industry In Kenya and as such, they need to actually advertise their houses. Real estate agents need freelancers for a few different projects. For example, they may need writers experienced in SEO to help potential clients find their real estate site in their city.

They also need writers to write engaging house listings that sell. As such, this type of content is industry-specific and requires a writer that knows the real estate industry inside and out.

Because of this type of specific information, real estate writing jobs are highly profitable.

10. Social Media Writing Jobs

Businesses in the 21st century rely heavily on their social media presence. They need to update their accounts every day, but this can be time-consuming for an entrepreneur or small business owner.

While most companies wouldn’t just hire a freelance writer to do all their social media, you may be hired to do a couple of things such as: editing blog posts, writing blog posts, and handling their social media account.

Our final thoughts

These are some of the best online gigs that you can engage yourself in. The good thing about online writing is that you can do it from anywhere on the globe as long as you are connected to the internet.

Other online opportunities that you can check out include how to Make Consistent Monthly Income from the airtime your friends useThe 101 Guide For Beginners On How To Invest In CryptocurrencyThe Best Stock Market Apps For Beginners

It is also good to note that these legit online writing jobs in Kenya not make you rich but rather will act as a side gig as the phrase suggest. If you want some really good income then check out our list of Full-time jobs and Online businesses.

It’s time to make money online, are you ready? let’s goooooooooooo!


legit online writing jobs in kenya legit online writing jobs in kenya legit online writing jobs in kenya legit online writing jobs in kenya legit online writing jobs in kenya legit online writing jobs in kenya legit online writing jobs in kenya legit online writing jobs in kenya legit online writing jobs in kenya.

legit online writing jobs in kenya legit online writing jobs in kenya legit online writing jobs in kenya legit online writing jobs in kenya legit online writing jobs in kenya legit online writing jobs in kenya legit online writing jobs in kenya legit online writing jobs in kenya legit online writing jobs in kenya

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