Best Investment Apps
with the rise of smartphones and apps, learning how to invest and keeping track of your investments is easier than ever before and proving to be increasingly important as markets become more democratized and accessible to all.

Exclusive List of Legit Investment Apps For Beginners.

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What are the best investment apps for beginners? I know you are looking for the best because you also are the best. What do you think?  

When it comes to taking control of your financial future, investing is one way to diversify your income and grow your wealth. However, if you’re new to investing, figuring out the best way to get started can be daunting. Now thanks to technology, investing is becoming more accessible to the masses, and just about anyone can get started on a mobile app. We thought of the best investing apps for beginners that help you diversify your portfolio and learn as you go.

As you get into investing, remember that all investments come with their own risk and return expectations. It’s wise to diversify your portfolio to reduce the risk associated with any one investment. Chris Rawley, CEO of Harvest Returns, states that “diversification helps manage the overall risk of a portfolio and can help shield returns from market volatility, economic uncertainty, and inflation.” Try to vary your investments always.

Today, there are a number of awesome investing apps that are perfect for growing your own portfolio, even if you’re starting from scratch.

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Investing apps have revolutionized the market, making it possible for anyone to start investing from anywhere anytime. But with so many account types to choose from, figuring out the best investment app for your needs can be tricky.

Whether you want to invest in stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), real estate, or even farmland, there’s an app or platform out there designed to help you meet your financial goals. Let’s go over some of the top choices.

Investment apps for beginners

I did a quick search on the play store using a few keywords such as investment apps Kenya and Investment Kenya. I was quite categorical, I wanted apps that supported investing by Kenyans.

It is so unfortunate that the search results were full of apps that had an issue or two with their way of paying clients. and that is the most important part of the investment. You want to put your money where you can retrieve it after some time.

After combing the play store for quite some time I noticed that if you want to invest your money today and make satisfying profits using a mobile app then you got to trade forex. However, you also can invest your money in treasury bills and let the government work for you, and pay you after the agreed timeframe.

 We put together a comprehensive guide on how to invest in treasury bills in Kenya and also, There is another article you should check out on the best trading apps in Kenya. These two will really help you in putting your hard-earned money into the right apps with guaranteed profits.

If investing isn’t your thing, then you can put your money into an online businessimagine becoming a CEO and running your own online brand? The financial freedom and awesome lifestyle that comes with the success of an online business is worth coveting.

Our final thoughts

If you have been in the online industry for a while, definitely you must be shocked how a platform you know of to be an investment site or app isn’t featured anywhere!

It is because I love you and I just want the best for you. This post will stay here forever unless the management decides to delete it. And for that reason,  there is no importance in recommending a platform/ app that will be working for one week, it gets deleted then the management starts another one.  The cycle goes on and on making away with ‘investor’s’ money!

If you are serious about growth and success in life, then put your money where you are sure the platform safeguards your money and with guaranteed returns. 

Do you think something was left out that you need to be clarified? let’s hear about it in the comment section.

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