How To Make Money Online
Anytime always, you will make money online if you take action after reading this post. You will enjoy yourself having figured out a way how to make money online.

How To Make Money Online Sharing Ready Made Art.

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How To Make Money Online, new trick…

Imagine while relaxing at the beach, in some restaurant somewhere, or just hiking with friends and in every 30 minutes, you are receiving an alert of a new payout you just received!

I know you think am kidding but this is possible. I got several accounts on different websites online that make money for me. Long are the days I used to make efforts to convince those consulting with me whether a method works or not.

All I do is to explain how I do things and if you find sense in what I explain then the whole opportunity is yours to take action, implement and start making money online.

Today I want to  explain to you a method you can use to make money online on auto-pilot

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Wasn’t that a super easy and valuable thing you just did? Hey, it’s time to make money online,  Let’s goooooo…


How To Make Money Online kenya

Great, let us now dive into this exclusive trick answering the question of how to make money online. You can use it to start making money online on auto-pilot. Let us see how it works in a summary

How the opportunity works


How To Make Money Online kenya how it works

You must have once or occasionally won a branded t-shirt, cap, or jumper. You even used branded umbrellas and other stuff like cups and bags. You obviously like those branded attires that is why you got them in the first place.

Now, there are very many designs that have not been put to use which you can help them be put to use, and in the process, you will make money.

Let me explain this, let’s say you draw a valentines flower. And then you share it to sites that allow such creatives. They automatically will add your created art on clothing, utensils, and anywhere else possible.

They then will sell the products with designs and they will send the money to your Paypal account. Does that make some sense now?

I know you are telling yourself that you do not how to draw and worst of it, you hate to draw. Don’t worry, I got you and you won’t struggle to do anything you dislike.

But what I can tell you is that you will make money online if you take action after reading this post. You will enjoy yourself having figured out a way; how to make money online.

Let us do a step-by-step explanation to help you get the whole concept right.

Step by step guide to making money online  on auto-pilot


How To Make Money Online kenya guide

Please note that the best way to get things well set up is to implement the guide as you read. It will help you to easily set up your “online working environment” and start making money on autopilot.

Without taking much of your time, let us get to our first step.

Step 1: Create an artist account on RedBubble

Redbubble is a website that will help you to sell your artwork online and make some good money. You do not have to be an artist to get started with this opportunity.

All you need to do is to visit and sign up for an account as an artist for free.

Once your account is approved, Log in, and from the account, section click on Sell your art. Now you will have two options that you can use to get your art online. You either will upload or you can copy existing art.

Copying other people’s work isn’t that good. So you need to upload a new design. But I also know that you dislike drawing so I will show you a method you can use to get free art designs that can make money for you.

Step 2: Get designs on Free Design Resources

Free Design Resources is a website that has got high-quality design resources that you can get for free. They are crafted with love from amazing artists and professional designers around the world, ranging from fonts, mockups, graphics, templates & more.

All you got to do is to visit the Free Design Resources website and then download the designs you want and use them the way you want. In this case, you want to make money out of them.

So what you need to do is to click on Graphics from the menu and then select any of the design graphics made on the site. What I love is the Free Valentines Illustrations.

Of course people like valentines and so you want to maximize their need to make money out of it. So click on Free Valentines Illustrations and then on the next page you will see a download button. Click on it and right away you will have the designs on to your computer.

Now get back to your red-bubble account and click on Upload new work. Choose a design from those you downloaded and just in a few seconds, your design will be up and added to your account.

Next, give a title to your design, add relevant tags to it so that it gets more visible in search on red-bubble. And also, add a description that will make buyers want to buy it. Just be a little creative when typing the description.

The whole process takes a maximum of three minutes and you get a complete designs store. You now need to drive traffic to it and start making money. But that shouldn’t be a problem. see next step.

Step 3: Get traffic from real community

So now I want to share with you a secret never talked of before. You will be the first to know of it because you are part of my inner circles.

This secret will make you to seat and see yourself make Ksh. 20,000 over and over and over again in short spans of time. And guess what, you won’t be working at all. Yours will be to receive payment emails, withdraw and go spend.

Redbubble will do the taking of orders, packaging, and shipping… I don’t know whether you get what am saying? Does this make sense? if it does share this post and join our email list by clicking here. 

I know you don’t have traffic sources so I want you to give you traffic to your red bubble store that pays. Save yourself the marketing strain and let everything be on auto-pilot.

Make money and enjoy life now. Click here and get an influencer to people to your red bubble store, people that will pay you as you travel.

By the way, whenever we got a product that is global, for short-term ad contracts we prefer hiring social media influencers from this platform or we get to Wowzi and hire some if we are targeting the Kenyan market.

So you also will hire top influencers to have your store link published and be sure to receive $200 over and over again.

Is it expensive to get an influencer?


How To Make Money Online expensive

I never find this question to be of any importance when it comes to something that will make money for me. One thing I know for sure, If you want something, you will do whatever it takes to have it.

My mentor told me something I won’t forget. He said “big head if you want money. Use money to get it”  Does that make sense to you also?

Anyway, it doesn’t cost much. Imagine at $10 you get your ad posted to over 250K users. Now, think of this.

Out of the 250K, if you can get only 1,000 people to buy what you got for free online. That is more than $10,000 sent to your Paypal account.

So what do you do with such an amount of money? If I am you that made such huge sales just by investing in Ksh. 1,000 ($10) and asking a person to promote what I can get for free.

Guess what, I will ask even more social media influencers to promote my store. And that is exactly what we do at OJIK and our other brands.

I hope my boss won’t read this though! Am sharing a secret that was well guarded – but we love you! 

So again, you click here and then register for a free account. Since you want to make an order, you will create an account as a brand and not an influencer. So choose I am a brand on sign up and then complete the sign-up form respectively.

Some fields aren’t required, you will use your red bubble store link as your website and brand name. Then complete your registration.

It is just that easy and you will be set to start making money online on auto-pilot. Actually, the influencers will be working for you.

But what if you do not have even the $10 to pay to the influencer to promote your red-bubble store?

Okay, that makes some sense. And still, we got you covered, we love you guys. Show us some love and share this article

Let me tell you something. I want you to click here, read the post and implement it right away. I know it will help you to make free online money that will get your feet up.

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Our final thoughts

That is how to make money online up to tens of thousands of cash with your online job put on auto-pilot. It is easy to start and does not require any experience.

This method will not make you a millionaire. However, it will make you some wealth. If you really want to get rich then you need to have various sources of income online. Also, you need to take the right marketing course

Start now, take action and see yourself grow to success. I wish you all the best in your online money-making journey.


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