Good Business Ideas
Choosing the path of entrepreneurship and working on finding good business ideas, is without a doubt riskier than being content with holding a 9-5 job. It requires more sacrifice but the outcome is always sweet.

40 Good Business Ideas For You To start on Small Scale Entrepreneur

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With the immense growth of the internet and technology in general, there’re good business ideas out there for everyone, regardless of your experience or prior work history. Starting an online business can be one of the quickest, easiest, and most affordable ways to start a business overall — especially when all you need is a laptop and internet connection.

As working from home has become more popular in company cultures around the world, entrepreneurs have been inspired to take their careers into their own hands and go into business for themselves. Plus, if you’re not totally set on going all-in on your online business, many of these ideas can be started part-time, and as you build your side hustle, it may be successful enough to turn into a full-time gig.

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So if you’re quietly contemplating the idea of starting something of your own, here’s a list of good business ideas that are within the reach of almost anyone who’s willing to take the plunge. From social media manager to interior design consultant, to dropshipping business, the options are endless.

Good Business Ideas for you to start on a small scale

Whether you refer to them as good business Ideas, or the best business ideas, or maybe the best business ideas that make money. They are all one and the same thing. The key part here is when you understand that at the end of the day you should be making money online. Does that make sense?

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10 of the best business ideas

I will narrow this down to the best 10 based on experience and then I can give a list of others. I believe this will really help you start and grow. Definitely, if you are thinking about starting a business you already got in mind that there will be a need for capital.

The good thing is that the capital needed to start the jobs listed below is less than Ksh. 20,000. In fact, some are absolutely free to start.

1. Create a blog

To be sincere I tried blogging for several years but I made no coin out of it. It was at that instance when I almost gave up on blogging that the business just boomed. I just walk up one morning and noticed I was making real money…

According to Google, the top online opportunities for one to make money – get paid by google include 1. a blog, 2. a forum, and 3. a web app.

I always recommend a blog because it is one business you will launch and start earning as you tour the world. An average blog may cost you between Ksh. 1,500 to Ksh 15,000. You can always start small and scale-up. 

We put together a detailed guide to help you get started with your blogging businessYou also can use our contact us page to chat with an expert to help you put your best blog business up. Don’t fear – we are here to help.

2. Forex Trading

Just like blogging, forex trading requires that you go through some training. Though, unlike the latter that may require some marketing and networking. Forex trading only requires the skill to analyze the market and focus on the outcome in a given period.

This is a good option if you are a stay-at-home mom because you got so much time at your hand to spend analyzing the market charts. But still, anybody else can do the forex business. 

If you are interested in trading forex, you can read this beginner’s guide on forex trading just before you venture into the business. Please note that you can get started with as low as KSh. 500 and make thousands out of it. However, from a good outcome. Please spare at least Ksh 5,000 as your forex trading capital.

3. Start dropshipping business

I think this one is the only risk-free online business. Think of this, everybody out there buys sugar. If a wholesaler gives you (free of charge) a pack of 1Kg sugar for you to go out there and sell it at your own price then pay the wholesaler, will you not do it gladly?

Listen, starting a dropshipping business is a super simple and profitable action. And the best part of it all is that wholesalers out there are just waiting for you to ask for their products and they will gladly give them to you for free. You will then place your own price tag on them and sale. Only pay the wholesaler their set price, the rest keep to yourself.

To understand how well you can start working as a drop shipper, consider reading this post on how to start a dropshipping business in Kenya.

A dropshipping business will cost you Ksh. 11,000 to start (assuming you already got access to a computer and internet)

4. Start an eCommerce

This is selling either your own physical products or those of other vendors. Just to give examples; Jumia an e-commerce website that’s sells its products and that of other people with physical shops in cities.  

On the other side, JiJi is also an e-commerce site on which anyone can sell their products. A buyer contacts individual sellers to close a deal.

Other e-commerce websites include phonearena and foneexpress. These two specifically sell their own products to buyers. 

Therefore it’s up to you to decide which type of e-commerce business you would like to start. All you need is to buy a domain name and a hosting plan. The rest could be done for free except getting stock depending on the type of eCommerce website you will be developing. 

Without stock, an eCommerce website may cost you between Ksh. 1,500 to Ksh 15,000

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing requires nothing monetary except for an internet connection, a computer, and an audience to market to. In fact, as an affiliate, you can even work using your own mobile phone.

Companies, starter businesses, and brands will always want consistency in growth. And so, they tend to hire anyone with internet access. They give them a unique link and ask them to promote that link. 

A cookie is put on that link to track all actions taken by anyone who will click on that link. On every successful action taken you will make a commission/ reward.

And the hiring is free of charge… 

Some companies in Kenya and abroad will require you to own at least a website/ blog or huge social media following whereas some will only need your commitment to work. Some legit sites to work on as an affiliate include Jumia, Amazon, travel start, and Online Jobs In Kenya.

Here is a cool post for you to learn more about affiliate marketing in Kenya. The startup cost is Zero.

6. Write and sell eBooks

I Am told naturally Kenyans are born storytellers!  Could it be true? I can’t prove it scientifically but one thing I know, writing perfects the more you do it frequently.  

Today publishing a book and getting it approved is not a cheap process. Patenting it and having it displayed on the shelves of top libraries and bookshops is not just a walk in the park. 

But I know of a way to quickly publish and make money out of a book online. 

First, convert your book into a pdf file and then get a well-designed cover image. You can design that using free online tools such as canva. Choose a platform on which you will sell your pdf book. Sample sites include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and amazon kindle. The start-up cost is Zero.

7. Influencer marketing

This is a business model that many youths have embraced. I see even aged individuals caught up in it. This is an online business in which you build a loyal online follower base and then you can start using the number of followers to negotiate for advertisements. 

You see everyone in the online space wants growth, except for that dumb guy who just enjoys social presence. They keep scrolling social media posts the whole day and then post photos from a party once in a while. They don’t make money out of it.

However, if you are that person who wants to do business with anything you can lay your hands-on, then you can read this post on how to get started with an influencer business in Kenya. The start-up cost is Zero.

8. Write resumes online

This resume thing is taught in high school. But then I just do not know what happens, when an advert is posted, every applicant forgets the resume writing format and gets to their phones to ‘google’ sample resumes or CVs.  Sometimes they make a few calls to friends they think they are good at English asking them to help them write the CV.

But it is normal, with the current economy. One will tarmac out there for over five years before a legit job surfaces. You don’t expect one to recall the ‘good English to be penned down on a CV (Resume) after all their profession is not CV writing. And there is where you come in. 

Simply horn your skill, put up a social media profile and start getting clients. The start-up cost is Zero.

9. Flip digital products

In the commoners’ language, this is what we call a broker! This is a very easy business to start. You just need to find the source of a product and clients. Be sure that the source of the product is legit and not popular. And if it is popular, then clients shouldn’t access it with ease.

In a flipping business, you will buy a product at a low price and then sell it at a higher price. You can flip Vintage clothes, Sneakers, consignment etc.

Someone reminded me that it is also called a reseller service hahaha! Thanks, buddy! but that is a bit different from flipping. So have you heard of resellers?

This is when a brand sells a product at a price i.e $100 plus resell rights. So you can buy and redistribute the product at your own price and keep 100% income from all the sales.

The only cost you will incur when starting the re-sellers business is when buying the first product itself. The advantage of re-selling digital products is that you only buy them once and you can re-sell them as many times as you want. Bulk messaging services such as Robisearch, Hostpinacle, Whatso, and bitrix24 are good examples of sites offering reseller services.

10. Grow and sell online your own produce

Are you a farmer? Anyway, you do not have to be one. However, if you got your own farm produce it becomes cheaper and more convenient for you. In this business idea, all you need to do is take images of farm products and post them online. Take orders and organize delivery. 

You can post on WhatsApp status, Facebook, Instagram. Twitter or TikTok. Of course, decide the social media platform you are most comfortable using. Also, grow your audience and trim it at the same time to have an audience that you can manage delivery.

Other good business Ideas for you to start on a small scale

  1. Create a subscription box in which clients will be paying to receive products regularly.
  2. Start a content marketing agency to help companies get noticed online through your articles.
  3. Proofread documents online
  4. Become a freelance writer
  5. Sell your unused items online – can help in doing that
  6. Sell academic notes and past papers online
  7. Build and then monetize an online community (forum) through a membership or product sales
  8. Sell your used books online
  9. Offer at-home daycare
  10. Buy items from a flea market or yard sale, restore them and sell them online
  11. Sell your own photography on stock photo sites
  12. Work virtually for a company
  13. Become a voice-over artist
  14. Create your own mobile application
  15. Teach online music lessons
  16. Design and sell t-shirts online
  17. Pursue a medical coding and billing position
  18. Manage a website
  19. Offer search engine optimization services
  20. Invest in real estate
  21. Participate in online market research
  22. Create and sell woodworking projects
  23. Fix search engine mistakes
  24. Create an audiobook
  25. Get paid to exercise
  26. Perform meal preparation for others
  27. Create and sell access to an online course
  28. Teach anything online
  29. Review music for money
  30. Buy and sell domain names

Our final thoughts

To me starting an online business always depends on what I got in my hand and the methodology I use to put it online and get money out of it. If you are not that person who is patient to watch your business grow then I think you should try out these online jobs in kenya.

Otherwise, above are some good business ideas that you can start working on and build revenue for yourself.

Have I left any Ideas out? Do you need help in implementing an idea? Have you tried out any of the ideas listed above? Share your views in the comment section and let us help each other to grow online.

It’s time to make money online, let’s gooooo…


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