get paid to comment on social media
Join forums discussing topics that you like, and those that are trending. And then, start participating in the conversations and eventually you will start making your $5 per comment you post in the forums.

Genuine Guide On How To Get Paid To Comment On Social Media

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You must have one day commented on a post from a blog, on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and other sites online. Is it not so? You even have commented on your friend’s WhatsApp statuses, true or false? I heard you just said “true.” What if I tell you that you can get paid to comment on social media and makeup to $5 (Ksh. 500) for each comment you make online?

Wait, am not kidding and this really works. You are going to make $5 (Ksh. 500) per every comment you make online if you read through this post without skipping. And above all, take action – implement this post.

I love writing the whole process in steps so that you can easily understand and implement it without much strain.

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Wasn’t that a super easy and valuable thing you just did? Hey, it’s time to make money online,  Let’s goooooo…

Great, let us now dive into this exclusive idea that you can use to start making money online by simply posting comments online. Let us see how it works in a summary

How this opportunity works

get paid to comment

To comment and get paid online is such a nice opportunity to generate income for yourself as an online side hustle. You will make money at the comfort of your anywhere on this planet earth. And by the way, you will not be selling anything!

Oh yes, I know in some posts shared on OJIK, we ask you to promote particular top selling products, but today that is is not the case at all.

Basically, this is how it works. You will join forums discussing topics that you like and those that are trending. And then, you will start participating in the conversations and you will start making your $5 per comment you post in the forums.

Obviously, not all forums will pay you such a huge amount of money posting comments. Also, obviously, as you can tell, you won’t just be posting random comments.

There are specific forums you should join and there is a specific format to follow when posting your comments so that it makes you tons of money. What I am about to share is exclusive and be sure to take action now.

By the way, I even can not believe that I am writing about this opportunity when I can sell it to you. The same way other top marketers are doing. Anyway, OJIK is home. We want you to make money online. Always take action and implement these smart ideas.

As said earlier, we are not selling anything, but you will make tons of cash if you take action now. Are you ready? let us get started

Step by step guide to get paid to comment on social media

get paid to comment on instagram

Many people are making money online using this “back door method” and we want you also to start making money online. This isn’t anything illegal that I am about to share with you. Only that, people like you don’t know about it, and only those who pay to learn about it know.

So am training you for Free – that is a back door. does that make sense? hahaha!

Now let us get started

Step 1: Go to find a forum dot com

get paid to comment on facebook

FindAForum is a large internet resource for finding discussion forums. Sure, you can look for forums in Google, but it’s not always easy to find JUST forums.

Now you are going to get to and then point on categories from the menu. And then, select dieting and weight loss as you can see below

Now, join all those forums just before we get to the second step. I know the site has listed a lot of forums right there and yes, you want to make the most money out of this. Join all of them.

Other than joining forums, join Facebook groups with similar interests. Or get to Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, or youtube and follow accounts delivering content that is in line with the topics you have chosen. in this case, dieting and weight loss.

Step 2: Join Audible

get paid to like and comment

Audible is a company owned by amazon which converts books into audio files. You can then listen to the books instead of reading them.

But as said earlier, you are not selling anything. And, you won’t be listening to the books either yourself. by the way, I hope am not confusing you. Just keep reading to see what you are supposed to do specifically.

Now, this is what you want to do with this audible. First, Click here to get to the Audible affiliates’ page. Again, you are not selling anything. I know you saw the word affiliate and you were like what the heck, that is a trick.

Wait, on this page you see something very interesting. One is an orange button that you click to signup as an affiliate for free. And then now, when you scroll down the audible affiliate page. You will see the payout structure. And this is what I love.

Once you get your affiliate link from audible. Imagine you will make $5 if a person creates a free account on audible.

Now think of this, You get your affiliate link and post it to the many forums you joined in step 1 above. A person clicks on it and creates a free account and boom. $5 gets added to your account instantly.

Are you finding some sense in what am sharing with you? This information is premium and now you are getting it free of charge here on

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let me show you the method that will work best so that you get the highest level of conversions and make so much money online.

Step 3: Apply this marketing method

Since you joined weight loss and dieting forums, you want to get audiobooks related to that particular niche. And then, you will get the link for that book from your audible affiliates account and then you will comment in those forums saying


Now, imagine only 100 people out of the millions in those forums you joined see your post and click on your link to create a Free account on audible. How much is that?

We’re talking of (5 X 100) = $500 per day just posting a simple comment to make people create free accounts.

If my mathematics is right, in a month this makes it a whopping $1,500. Isn’t that a crazy job online. Wait, the internet has got billions of people who you just haven’t reached yet. What if you put in a little more effort and reach even a larger audience?

Are you thinking what am thinking also? A millionaire definitely!

This is what you should do to find top books. Open your browser and search for the phrase “Best dieting and weight loss books”

You will be provided with a list of top books. Now copy the title of either of the books in the search results and confirm whether it is in the audible library.

Assuming from my first search I got a book titled “The Plant-Based Solution” in the results. Now, I will copy that and add to it the name audible and search for it on google again i.e “The Plant-Based Solution Audible”

If the book is on Audible, you will get the results. Now generate its affiliate link from your audible affiliates account and share your link to the globe. That will mean money. You can definitely do this.

can you shout, YES I CAN!

Our final thoughts

There are billions of people online, to make money online in this case, you simply get as many people as possible to create free accounts on audible.

For you to get paid to comment on social media isn’t a difficult task to go by as many people would be thinking. It just needs you to take action and be smart in all that you do.

I really hope that this method will serve you as a worthy online job in Kenya and increase your earning potential.

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