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To make the most out of freelance jobs, identify your interests then create accounts on different sites. build your reputation by delivering the best to clients.

97 Genuine Freelance Jobs And Websites For Beginners

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Whether you call them freelance jobs, side hustle, gig work, contract jobs, short-term jobs, or part-time jobs. You can find them from top freelance jobs websites.

Below is a quick list that you can comb through and signup for any that you find convenient. Click on the name to open the website.

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1. General Freelance Jobs (Websites)

  1. FlexJobs.
  2. SolidGigs.
  3. Fiverr.
  4. Upwork.
  5. CloudPeeps.
  6. Indeed.
  7. College Recruiter.
  8. Freelancer.
  9. Guru.
  10. ServiceScape.
  11. Craigslist.

2. Freelance Writing Jobs (Websites)

  1. Contena.
  2. Freelance Writing Gigs.
  3. Blogging Pro.
  4. Journalism Jobs.
  5. Morning Coffee Newsletter.
  6. Freelance Writing.
  7. All Indie Writers.
  8. Freedom With Writing.
  9. Media Bistro.
  10. Due.
  11. PubLoft.
  12. Contently.

3. Freelance Design Jobs (Websites)

  1. 99 Designs.
  2. Behance.
  3. Dribbble.
  4. Angel List.
  5. Art Wanted.
  6. Design Crowd.
  7. Envato Studio.
  8. Coroflot.
  9. Smashing Magazine.
  10. CrowdSPRING.
  11. Working Not Working.

4. Freelance Developer Jobs (Websites)

  1. Codeable.
  3. Lorem.
  4. Joomlancers.
  5. Rent a Coder.
  6. 10x Management.
  7. Gigster.
  8. Talent Cupboard.
  9. Programmer Meet Designer.
  10. YouTeam.

5. Freelance Photographer Jobs (Websites)

  1. Craigslist.
  2. The Creative Loft.
  3. Cruise Ship Jobs.
  4. Photography Jobs Central.
  5. Journalism Jobs.
  6. Thumback.
  7. Photography Jobs Online.

6. Freelance Marketing Jobs (Websites)

  1. People Per Hour.
  2. Remotive.
  3. Aquent.

7. Virtual Assistant Jobs (Websites)

  1. Belay.
  2. Time Etc.
  3. ClickWorker.
  4. Amazon Mechanical Turk.
  5. VA Networking.
  6. Assistant Match.
  7. Zirtual.
  8. Fancy Hands.
  9. Worldwide 101.

8. Freelance Video Editing Jobs (Websites)

  1. Behance.
  2. Mandy.
  3. Production Hub.
  4. Stage 32.

9. Freelance Sales Jobs (Websites)

  1. ZipRecruiter.
  2. CommissionCrowd.
  3. Red Hat.
  4. Salesforce App Exchange Job Board.
  5. Skip the Drive.

10. Freelance Customer Support Jobs (Websites)

  1. Workana.
  2. We Work Remotely.
  3. Virtual Vocations.
  4. Support Driven.

11. Freelance Transcription Jobs (Websites)

  1. Rev
  2. TranscribeMe 
  3. Crowdsurf
  4. SpeakWrite
  5. Transcription Outsourcing LLC 
  6. Quicktate
  7. Tigerfish 
  8. Scribie 
  9. eScribers
  10. 3Play Media 
  11. Averbach Transcription 
  12. GMR Transcription 
  13. Babbletype 
  14. Way With Words.
  15.  Transcript Divas
  16. Speechpad 
  17. Daily Transcription 
  18. Cambridge Transcriptions 
  19. Verbit

12. Freelance Influencer Jobs (Websites)

  1. ShoutCart
  2. Wowzi
  3. Viusasa

My best advice for landing great freelance jobs is to leverage your existing network and connections from previous roles.

Some sites may not show the signup form, however, if you got a good network you may get an account from an already signed-up user. 

Better yet, if you have a company you already follow, know someone at, that you’re passionate about, or most importantly you’re knowledgeable about, reach out to them!

NB: This is just a summary, the full detailed post will be out soon with all the guidelines on freelance jobs to help you to get started the right way on each job. Just be sure to join our email list by clicking here so that you can be the very first person to be notified when the detailed article is published. 

See you soon!

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