Safaricom to airtel airtime
Thousands of people are buying airtime daily, yet you are there surviving on free data... No hard feelings! I mean, there is a way you can make some cash from each of those purchases made daily. And the way to go is to join this network.

Make Consistent Monthly Income from the airtime your friends use

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We all use airtime to make calls and send messages daily. But did you ever know that you can make a salary out of the credit you purchase and that of your friends?

It sounds impossible but just stick around to the end of this post and you will know how you can make either partial or a full income from the airtime you use forever.

When I say recurring income I mean; if you earned Ksh. 10,000 in May. Then you are guaranteed to make at least Ksh. 10,000 in June, July, August to a lifetime (Infinity).

The income you make this amount is set to be constant monthly or increase monthly. It never decreases unless you stop working.

I know you can’t stop working as long as you are earning right? Sure.

Now let me show you how to make more money online and build a consistent income flowing right into your bank or MPesa account from the obvious airtime you buy to make calls, send messages or browse the internet…

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Wasn’t that a super easy and valuable thing you just did? Hey, it’s time to make money online,  Let’s goooooo…

I Love you coz I know you did, just that… right? now let me show you the love by sharing with you a life-changing online opportunity. let’s get started.

How can one make money from airtime online?

free airtime


I also asked myself the same question at first. I least expected an income from what am actually spending on. i.e I buy fuel for my car, then the fuel makes money for me! how on earth?

Let me explain this…

First, it is quite unfortunate that the opportunity I am about to share only allows Kenyan-based users.

If you are from outside Kenya then you can check out our other articles such as get paid to watch youtube videos, and How to make money consistently trading forex.

Now, we all buy credit to communicate. You also know that each airtime you buy equals the amount of money you will be charged. e.g with Ksh. 100 you get the 100 bob airtime scratch card. Same to Ksh. 50 up-to 1,000.

Some of us stopped using the scratch cards and so we top up our lines using M-Pesa. There isn’t any difference either other than just the convenience that comes with using MPesa.

As time rolls by, members of the digital community like you and me are slowly shifting from the use of scratchcards.

You either buy airtime from the bank or MPesa. The biggest challenge is that as an airtime buyer, you never get an opportunity to bargain the price.

You never get to buy a 100 bob airtime at Ksh. 90. airtime But all other products have got discounts why not airtime?

But then, Kenyans never run out of smart ideas. There are smart individuals who built a company that works as a middle man between the airtime producers such as Safaricom, Airtel, and Telkom and you the buyer.

The company negotiates the airtime price on your behalf and the discount you make from each airtime purchase is sent to your wallet immediately.

You then can either buy airtime or withdraw your money once it hits the withdrawal threshold of Ksh. 200.

I will tell you shortly how you can make this accumulation to hundreds of thousands in a short while. Just keep reading.

How the middle man company works


free airtime discount

The company that launched in early 2020 has seen positive growth sustaining any possible odds.

It is also important to note that Ezekiel W the founding author of Online Jobs In Kenya noted the company and allowed this opportunity to be shared with our users. This is because of its legitimacy and its promising ability to pay its workers on time.

Basically, the company works as a middle person between the seller and you the buyer. You first will need to apply to join the company user base by either accessing their website, using a USSD code, or chatting with a WhatsApp bot.

Once you are registered, You can start buying airtime from the company by using a Pay-bill number, and from each purchase, you make through the company you make a withdrawable 1% cashback sent to your wallet.

Also, if you pay your utility bills i.e Television, water, and electricity bills through the company, you will make 1% cashback on every payment.

The cashback for a start may seem small depending on how much you are paying for bills and airtime.

However, In the long run, the accumulation is better than getting nothing when you buy airtime the ordinary way inform of scratch cards or just directly from bank or MPesa.

Let us now do a step by step guide on getting started to make money from your airtime expenditures

Steps followed to start earning from my airtime

At this point, I believe you are ready to start saving each time you purchase airtime and pay bills by receiving 1% cashback that is redeemable into cash. You want to earn on every coin you spend on your airtime and utility bills.

Think of this, how much do you spend monthly on airtime and utility bills? I bet if you really comb the internet, chat on social media and share a few videos online, your expenses are NOT less than Ksh. 1,000.

And if on this you save 1% each time then you make Ksh. 10 bonus. It seems small but keeps reading I tell you how I made Ksh. 45,000 after one month.

Let us do this together. I take you through what you can do to multiply the small cashback into tens and hundreds of thousands of recurring monthly income.

Step 1: Apply to join the company

You definitely have to be a staff of any firm to be put on the payslip and start enjoying the benefits associated with the company.

Therefore, to apply you can do this by accessing their website, dialing a USSD code, or doing a WhatsApp chat with their official registration bot.

I recommend that you apply through the USSD code since it is more reliable.

To start the process:

  • Dial this code *365# on your mobile phone
  • Select option from the resulting menu. (Note: use the phone number you want to be registered on WiGo Pay)
  • Once you type and send, you will be prompted to enter an invitation code. You can’t join the company network without an invitation code.
  • Therefore, at this point enter this code 9UWTMJX then send the message.
  • Next, you will be asked to enter your constituency, just type the name and confirm the exact name.
  • If the constituency name is correct, type 1 and send.
  • Next, you will be required to enter your ID number. Type your national ID number then send.
  • In the next message, you will be required to submit details of your next kin. (Full name and Phone number)

The reason you need to submit a next of kin is that with this model you will earn to infinity so having a person to take over you is very vital. Just find a person you think can be your heir.

For the next of kin, you will first enter his or her full name and then his or her phone number. Finally, you will be required to choose the package you will work with.

WiGo Pay registration packages

WiGo Pay has got three compensation packages. Actually other than earning cashback from airtime and bill payments, you also can make cool bonuses just by inviting your friends to also earn from the airtime they spend monthly.

That is why the packages were put in place.

To join WiGo Pay, you just need to pay at least Ksh. 1,500 (Instructions on how to make payments will be sent to you via SMS) to join the basic package. You can upgrade later on to increase your earning potential.

This is a one-time fee and you will earn to infinity on each purchase of airtime and bill payment so to me it is cheap based on the benefits you get after joining.

This one-time fee is charged to build a committed network. Once you have paid the Ksh 1,500 to join this middle-person company, you then can access more benefits such as bonuses from each paying friend you invite.

All you need to do is share with them your invite code and ask them to start purchasing their airtime and pay bills using the WiGo pay bill number 787055.

Please note that if you make purchases from the above pay bill before joining any of the above packages you will not get any cashback nor will your invited friends reflect under you. Therefore, Join now by paying the fee for your own good.

Step 2: Use WiGo as an airtime loader and make purchases.

Once you have submitted all details including paying for a preferred package. You will receive a personal invitation code which you can share with friends after educating them about the middle person-like company.

Then also, to make bill payments, use wiGo pay. To do this. You again dial *365# and proceed to select your preferred choices.

NB: wigo Pay supports all networks even cross networks such as safaricom to airtel airtime


How to make more out of WiGo Pay.

To make Lucrative amounts from WiGo Pay, Maximize on inviting friends. Just talking to people who find it important to cut down on airtime and bill expenses.

The larger your network is, the more you earn a higher recurring income.

Let us reason this way. Assuming you invite five of your friends who spend at least Ksh. 1,000 monthly on airtime. From each of these friends, you are making approximately Ksh. 10. This makes it Ksh. 50 monthly income.

If the five each brings another five then this comes to Ksh. 250 and the math continues.

Mark you, on each new invite you are making at least three hundred for 5 levels.

What do you think, will you join the company and start saving on your airtime and utility bills even as in the process you get paid?

It doesn’t hurt to invest where you are sure you will make an income out of it in a month or two and this will be recurring like you are just on payroll ready to earn a salary.

Do you still have questions about how WiGo Pay works, Click here to see commonly asked questions well answered? 

Our final thought

This is how you can make recurring income using airtime. WiGo Pay is a utility and airtime dispensing company.

To join the company, you will be charged a one-time fee based on the compensation package you choose starting from Ksh. 1,500.

For you to proceed with the registration, you will need an invite code, you can use this code: 9UWTMJX

You will get paid through M-Pesa once you reach the withdrawal threshold which is Ksh. 200 every month.

Once you register, commit yourself to always buy airtime and pay bills using through the company. You save even more.

Also, to grow your income with several zeros after the whole number but before the decimal point then invite more friends and train them to also use and invite more.

If you dislike inviting friends to online business or doing what we call referral marketing then check out this post on online jobs from home, Online jobs for students, and more from our blog section.

We really hope that you will make lots of cash out of this opportunity. We wish you all the best.


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