Best paying online jobs in kenya have been around for the last two decades. Recently, many youths have become interested in the idea of freelancing given that it allows people to work for themselves.

You are here because it intrigues you and you want to give it a try. But you’re not sure which job can suit you and make you enough money to quit your job.

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List of the best paying online jobs in Kenya

Below are our top of the best paying online jobs in Kenya. Consider combing through the list, focus on what works best for you. Research more about it and get yourself into a working and earning environment.

1. Web Development

The popular freelancing job online is web development. The online jobs in Kenya for web development are plentiful though you need to be skilled.

You can get online jobs as a Web Developer by registering on freelancing sites like Freelancer, Upwork, or PeoplePerHour. Web developers freelance online mainly because they don’t want to be tied down by anyone but enjoy autonomy over their working hours and location.

Web Developers must have excellent HTML and CSS skills and work with Javascript frameworks such as AngularJS, Bootstrap, or jQuery.

2. Graphics Design

An online graphic design job involves creating visual concepts using computer software or by hand to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate consumers.

They develop the overall layout and production design for various applications such as advertisements, brochures, magazines, and corporate reports. This field is distinguished from other types of design by its focus on results-driven solutions through creativity, problem-solving abilities, originality, and determination.

Graphic designers must be able to work within the constraints of a budget and a timeframe while delivering high-quality work that meets the client’s objectives.

You can find freelance positions on sites like Freelancer or Upwork. You may also be able to work online by using your Facebook profile and designing graphics from home as a freelancer without the need for previous graphic design experience.

3. Data Entry

Freelancing data entry jobs are some of Kenya’s most famous work-from-home opportunities. And it’s no wonder! They offer a flexible way to make extra money and can be done entirely from the comfort of your home.

In a nutshell, data entry is inputting information into a computer system. This can involve transcribing audio files, typing handwritten documents, or entering data into online forms.

While it may not be the most exciting work globally, it is often very straightforward and can be a great way to earn extra cash. And with so many businesses now relying on digital data, there is a growing demand for skilled data entry workers.

4. Transcription

Transcription converts spoken language into written words. one can use it to create transcripts of speeches, interviews, and other audio recordings.

Transcription is a valuable tool for businesses, journalists, and students who need to capture and store information from audio sources. One can also use it to create subtitles for videos or provide access to audio content for people with hearing impairments.

These services are typically provided by trained professionals who have experience converting audio to text.

Transcription is one of the best online paying jobs in Kenya that requires excellent listening skills to enter what the speaker says accurately and fast. Understanding accents is also vital to this job due to different accents.

5. Online Writing jobs

Writing online is one of the best freelance jobs in Kenya, especially for those with English or literature qualifications. You can do this from anywhere, and many websites will pay you per page. You do not need any capabilities but should have excellent writing skills.

Online writing jobs are classified into many categories, but the most common for Kenyans is, Article writing on Freelancing websites and Academic Writing.

Article writing online jobs are available on freelancing websites. These websites connect the employer and online workers, matching up those who need content with writers offering their services through an online platform for a fee.

Academic online jobs are available on specific freelance websites, and most of the work employers offer involves writing papers, articles, or essays.

Apart from article writing and academic writing, you can also find online writing jobs in product reviews, blogs, and content marketing.

6.  Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant, also known as a VA, is an online, freelance administrative assistant. Virtual assistants are independent contractors who provide a variety of services to their clients, including but not limited to appointment scheduling, bookkeeping, customer service, data entry, email management, internet research, and social media marketing.

VAs typically work remotely from their homes or offices, allowing them to choose their hours and work around their schedules.

Working as a virtual assistant might be perfect if you’re organized, detail-oriented, and have experience with office administration or customer service.

In recent years, the demand for virtual assistants has grown significantly as more businesses look for cost-effective ways to outsource their administrative tasks.

7. Social Media Influencer

Social media influencers have large followers on social media channels and often promote brands online in return for payment or free products. You must create content that resonates with your audience and grow your following base to reach a critical mass online to become an online influencer. You will also want to ensure the quality of the content is high because low-quality content won’t cut it these days when there’s so much competition online!

Some popular social media platforms where social media influencer thrives are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, and YouTube.

To become a social media influencer online, you will need to have the following:

  • A broad reach that allows people from all over the world to see your content (i.e., Tiktok followers)
  • An attractive personality or sense of humor, so online viewers, are entertained by what they see online
  • Knowledge about how brands operate online and can communicate with them in their language


8. Online selling jobs

E-commerce is the name of this business; if you want to work for yourself, then e-commerce is the way to go. The several ways in which to approach e-commerce include:

  • Sell on online marketplaces, such as Jumia, Amazon, or eBay – these sites have a lot of traffic, and you can set your hours.
  • Create your online store to sell your goods online – this is a little more work, but you can set your prices and keep the profits.
  • Sell digital products online, such as online courses or online coaching.
  • Start an affiliate marketing business. This requires less upfront capital than starting your store. Your job would be to promote someone else’s product in exchange for giving you a commission on each sale from the traffic coming from your website.

9. Digital Marketing Jobs

Digital marketing jobs online have steadily increased in popularity since the beginning of the new Millenium.

Many businesses today are now running online ads on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to promote their products or services because of these three reasons:

  • The quality of the content is high because low-quality content won’t cut it these days when there’s so much competition online!
  • It allows for customer engagement at all times
  • You can reach a wider audience with less effort than traditional marketing methods like TV, radio, and print advertising.

The online digital marketing skills that are in demand online today include:

  • SEO: Search engine optimization is a must because it won’t rank as high on the SERPs if you’re not optimizing your website for keywords and phrases. You may be able to get away with this when Google was still running its old algorithms, but now Panda has been updated so that websites with spammy content or don’t use proper grammar will see their rankings decrease substantially!
  • PPC (pay per click) – AdWords is one of the most popular platforms companies promote themselves online. The downside is it’s expensive, and there’s no guarantee of getting results.
  • Email Marketing is an old marketing strategy, but it has succeeded. Many platforms are available to set up email lists and send out emails to subscribers, the most popular being Mailchimp.
  • Social Media Marketing: You can do this in various ways. One, you could set up targeted paid ads on social media sites like Tiktok, Facebook, or Twitter. Secondly, try running your blog and posting articles about your niche.

10. Blogging

Blogging is one of the best online jobs you will get online. Online blogging jobs in Kenya open up many opportunities to earn money and get your voice heard online!

If you have the skills, this is one way to ensure you can work in Kenya from home with blogs while being paid. You can boost your earnings by Blogging in the following ways:

  • You increase visibility by ranking higher on Google search results pages.
  • You diversify your income streams by monetizing blog posts where ads generate revenue.
  • When people leave comments or answer polls, they often query content that further boosts traffic. They may link back to articles, share them via social media sites like Facebook or Twitter or subscribe directly through RSS feeds, enabling more organic traffic to your blog.

Currently, people have even ventured into Vlogging and they do make quite a lot of money online.

If you’re good at creating quality videos and can grow a following on YouTube, this is one of the best online jobs for Kenya that will pay out well in terms of income.

11. Online Tutoring

You can be an online tutor and get paid to help students improve their grades with assignments or revision classes online from home through Skype or another web conferencing software like Google Hangouts. If your qualifications are up-to-par, offering tutoring services is highly recommended as another great way to earn online while working from home in Kenya.

12. Online Survey

If you have ever filled in an online survey before, you should think about taking it seriously. You stand to make up to Ksh 3500 per hour on survey platforms like Prize Level, Respondent, survey junkie, and many more. The interviews can be through video chats, over the phone, or just online form filling. This online job can be done by using even a smartphone since the sites are mobile-friendly.

13. Photography

This is a new field that is rapidly growing. It is all about snapping quality photos of almost anything (food, business, nature, etc.) and selling them on stock photography platforms like Adobe stock. You can also create a website for your stock photography and sell it from there.

14. Resume Writer

There are so many graduates looking to apply for open jobs now and then, and most of them do not have the most impressive resumes. For that reason, there will always be a demand for resume polishers to make their resumes career-presentable. If you can fill that gap, head on to sites like WriterBay or resume edge and get started.


As long as you have an internet connection, the possibilities for making money online during your free time are endless! You just need to think about your niche and get started. You will get to learn more skills while in the job market.

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