best online writing jobs sites
Online writing is one of the most lucrative jobs that young Kenyans can indulge in and make a profitable income while they can. But I recommend starting your own blog it pays way much better than these writing contracts

12 Best online writing jobs sites to make extra money

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Have you ever thought of the best online writing jobs sites? Online writing is one of the most lucrative jobs that young Kenyans can indulge in and make a profitable income while they can.

In the following article, I’ll educate you on the best sites where you can be able to write, edit and publish your work. Note that no formal qualifications are required for you to be able to do online writing apart from having good grammar and following your client’s instructions.

The following paragraphs provide a guide on the best websites that offer good returns to the writers and they do pay on time. I have also been able to work with them and can testify that they are the best.

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Best online writing jobs sites to make extra money in Kenya

Below are the best we can recommend so far to our lovely readers, you know what, you are loved by the OJIK community and so I want us to make money together. Are you ready? Fine let;s jump right into number one on the list.

1. Freelancer

First on our list is tops our list since it’s a wide platform that offers good rates to its writers. Most clients that need articles written, edited, and published rush to since they know that they offer quality work and it will be delivered on time. The site offers an easy-to-use interface for both writers and clients. There are lots of writing jobs on the website and I bet that if you visit the site you won’t miss out on a writing job. some of the writing jobs to expect on the site include blog writing, research writing, writing emails, and newsletters.

2. Writerbay

This is a popular and established website that offers the opportunity for upcoming writers to bid for writing jobs. It offers good income to writers and I would recommend it anytime to upcoming writers.

Both academic and non-academic article writing opportunities can be found on their website.

For beginners, it may take like a week in order for you to be able to bid successfully but once you bid you will start getting references, and writing jobs will start streaming your way.

3. Fiverr

This is a well-known company that has its origin in Israel. It offers opportunities to freelance writers from all over the world. They have lots of jobs on their website that are always up for grabs.

As a beginner in writing, you can offer your service in writing blogs, research material, freelance copywriting, and articles. In every article that you get to write a certain percentage is retained by the company for their upkeep.

All in all, it is a good website that offers opportunities for people to make an extra income.

4. Upwork is a site that offers opportunities to Kenyans and all people worldwide. The site allows one to bid for writing jobs and also to give out work.

To begin working at you will need to register their website and then start bidding.

This website allures different clients from all over the world. It may take a while before clients build trust in a beginner but once they have confidence in you, a lot of work will start streaming your way and you will make money. Before you begin let me inform you of the jobs to expect on Upwork;

article writing, newsletters and emails, proofreading and text editing, SEO writing, and copywriting for websites.

5. i-Writer

As long as you have good grammar skills and you agree to take a short writing test you are free to begin writing on iWriter.Once your grammar is good you will start viewing the articles and start to write them.

Iwriter usually pays according to the tier and as a writer, you will actually see how much you earn on every article that you write. The pay is according to the rank that you are in.

Once you write an article it gets to be reviewed by the client and if you get good reviews you get to earn more and more work comes your way.

Iwriter offers jobs such as product review, article writing blog posts, and many more.

6. FlexJobs

Flexjobs is an online market that offers lots of work for writers. There are different categories of work that a writer can choose from depending on their niche.

Different kinds of jobs such as newsletter, technical writing, editing, and copywriting.

Flexjobs enables one to search for their ideal job.

7. Freelance Writers Den

This is a website that requires one to pay to be a member. One is required to pay $25 per month and you are then able to access writing jobs.

The site is owned by Carol Tice who is a popular blogger. One is also required to have a profile whereby you upload your resume and some samples of your work. Freelance writers den offers training and boot camps that will enable you to sharpen your skills as a beginner in the online writing profession. The types of writing jobs offered include creative writing, health writing, technical writing, and content marketing.

8. All Freelance writing

This company has been in operation since 2006 and offers opportunities for writers to bid for writing jobs.

Once your bid is successful you agree with the client on how they would like the job to be done and the payment schedule and when to deliver the work. This website has enabled a lot of people to get work done more by Kenyans.

The type of work offered includes guest posting, web content, poetry, and ghostwriting.

9. Problogger

This website is owned by Darren Rowse who is a well-known blogger. If you are a fanatic of blogging then this is where you should be since your next job is actually here. The website offers reasonable pay to its bloggers as long as one is talented and remains professional.

There are different jobs offered here that include SEO writing jobs, Research articles, editing, copywriting, and ghostwriting.

10. Media bistro

This is a platform that normally connects media professionals with content. So if you are a media professional I would advise you to rush to the media bistro and find work on the platform waiting for you. These are the jobs that are normally offered here; Graphic design, digital production, freelance writing, and also copywriting.

11. Contena

Contena is a top leading site for writing professionals that offer up to $3 per article.

To begin you need to have a profile and as you remain steadfast and polish your skill then you are bound to land more and more writing jobs.

contena is regarded as one of the best writing and editing platform that is geared toward empowering writers and editors.

You are required to pay a membership fee which is a commitment but be sure you will get a return on your money.

12. Textbroker

Textbroker regards itself as the pioneer in content writing. It offers services that range from blog posts, product descriptions, and snappy advertising copies. In order to get started with textbroker you need to submit a sample that will undergo scrutiny from a team of editors.

The editors will rate your work within a few days and depending on your work your pay rate will be determined for open orders. The editors normally rate your article between 3 and 5 stars. But that should not worry you editors normally review these rates and you can continuously increase your rating as you continue writing.

Our Final Thoughts

I decided to write this article since a lot of Kenyans have been asking me where they can get writing jobs online. Listed above are some of the best-paying websites where you can get online writing jobs and as a matter of fact, there are thousands of writing jobs online. You only need to have a good internet connection and a computer and you are good to go.

In my opinion, Though the above-listed sites really pay well, I would recommend you to start your own blog because in both cases startup may take some time however with a blog, earning potential is just un-measured. Would you love to get yourself a blog? Here is a quick link to getting yourself started with blogging.

Many online writers do receive a good income and therefore why should you not. Try this out.


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