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We are determined to bring to you the best opportunities for you to make money online in kenya

Hello and Welcome to Online Jobs In Kenya (OJIK), the trusted free online-money-making resource site for beginners.

At OJIK, our main goal is to provide money-making ideas and resources that are easy to implement for individuals,  small businesses, bloggers, and non-techy job seekers.

If you’ve ever asked yourself:

  • “How can I make money online?”
  • “How much do I need to ______ online?”
  • “Which is the right platform to _______?”
  • “How do I withdraw ______ online?”
  • “What are the best strategies to ______?”

Or if you have any other questions about making money ______ You’re in the RIGHT place!

Our Short Story – Why Online Jobs In Kenya (OJIK)

My name is Ezekiel W, and I’m the founder and author of OJIK blog.

The OJIK story begins back in 2015 when I developed an interest in making money online. I was just searching for a legit job online to work part-time.

It didn’t take me long to find legit opportunities ranging from MLM, Ad clicks, surveys, article writing, affiliate marketing, etc. This made me money but I still wanted what could pay me as an own boss in the sense that it still worked for me while I sleep.

In 2016 I learned about cryptocurrency – but then finding a legit site to invest in was yet another hurdle. 

I later bumped into an email marketing course and gave it trial. To be sincere it paid but it required a good sum of money to keep going based on what the course was recommending me to use. 

Later on, I noticed Facebook paid marketing and gave it a shot. I burnt my fingers a few times but then I learned what I should do with my money on Facebook to make more money. 

But still this was not what I wanted… 

In short, the whole search journey for what I can call real online work from home that pays me whether or not in the office working was really hectic and time-consuming.

At some point, I lost thousands of money to scammers but then that was my hard way of learning/ finding what I really wanted mhm! I don’t want you to pass through the same.

I have so far built several marketing models, some failed horribly while a few have made me some nice revenue. But then I got that big heart of concern and care.

When the Covid19 pandemic struck – my circles were flocking into my inbox asking for work and ways on how to make money online just as I do.

I scoured the web to find a resource that could help my friends and other new Job seekers.

It was quite a challenge searching the web each time a friend asked for a job with some specifications.

That’s why I finally  launched OJIK on February 27th, 2022 as a resource targeted at job seekers and anyone interested in making money online.

At launch, OJIK boasted a great number of subscribers and growing. It actually is a shocker. 5,200 + users at launch – a great indicator of trust, the expectation of legitimacy. And that is exactly what OJIK delivers.


I work closely with a team of experienced writers and internet entrepreneurs who have worked online for some time now. Together as a team with over 5 years of experience working online, we can help in telling whether a site is a scam or it is a legit platform to work on.

OJIK has been launched at a time when people have almost too much time with their phones online hoping to find legit online jobs in kenya to earn from – and yet at the same time, the internet has got so many scammers.

And this is where we come in as The OJIK team. We find online job opportunities and ideas, test and verify to ensure that they are legit and worth spending your time & resources on before recommending them to you. We also, share some local office job opportunities.

Our test process may take between hours to even several months depending on the type of job we are checking on.

After affirming that the job is really legit, we write an article about the job explaining the application processes, what to expect working on the platform, advantages, and respective drawbacks. Without missing to mention the mode of payment that the job uses.

Once the article is completed, we post a link to our social media outlets for you to open and read the article and decide whether you can join to work on the opportunity or not.

What do you think, Isn’t OnlineJobsInKenya (OJIK) a great blog to read? If yes, then choose your opportunity to make money at OJIK. The good thing is that you are not limited to the number of online opportunities you can work for.

Most importantly, the whole process is usually free unless stated otherwise.

Keep it here at OnlineJobsInKenya (OJIK) by joining our email list and following our social media platforms. And then, wait for updates that will be posted daily. You don’t want to miss the next online money-making opportunities.

Much love #EzekielW