How I Make Kshs. 40,000 Weekly as a form 4 graduate

They say the, “only certificate you need to succeed in life is your brain.” Francis is a good example of the above quote. Here’s my story….

“My name is Francis Kamau was born in Nakuru County, went to school just like any other kid. I finished my high school in 2016

I didn’t join college immediately and I was just at home in 2017 waiting to join campus.

Then I meet my long time friend Anthony Kanogo who shared with me  how he was making money online part time as a student and he was able to cater for his upkeep. I didn’t believe in Online work but I decided to give it a trial since he was my friend.

I joined the online business in 2018, I started to fall in love with the work because of the support and mentorship I got from the team leaders.

Also read more about a retired teacher below age of 25 years who now works online

In 2018 I was able to achieve one of my dreams of owning a horse courtesy of online work

Am now making atleast kshs 40,000 weekly doing the business full time. Still I haven’t joined college am yet to decide whether to continue making money online or join school, maybe you can advise 😊…

If you always had that dream of working online, now here’s the chance to make that dream come true. You don’t have to be great to start but you start to be great “.

If you want to join the online team, WhatsApp your name to Pauline on 0715842157 and she’ll assist you

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