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PK Kasirim

Passive income

Today almost everything is anchored on the internet in some way. Even finding a job. That is why we put together OJIK to help you find online jobs in Kenya or find smart ideas to help you make revenue online.

If you are looking for a legit online job. Not one that’s going to make you a few dollars an hour (like completing surveys), but a legitimate full-time income working from home?

We have covered most options such as full-time jobs, Online business Ideas, Side hustles. We also narrowed it down to options such as online jobs in Kenya for students, Paid surveys, Investing opportunities, Online writing jobs, and more… 

Without forgetting to mention online jobs in Kenya that pay through mpesa, online writing jobs in Kenya, online writing jobs in Kenya that pay through mpesa, online jobs in Kenya using smartphone.

Our best advice for landing great jobs online is to leverage your existing network and connections from previous roles.

Better yet, if you have a company you already follow, know someone at, that you’re passionate about, or most importantly you’re knowledgeable about, reach out to them!

It never hurts to do a little legwork on your own behalf and see what’s out there when it comes to high-paying online jobs.

Also, if you are the kind that has got passion, then just put in a little more effort in delivering content on what you are passionate about to the public. As long as it is valuable to your audience, you will make a great earning out of it.